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Raw Digitals: Main Event Tag Match

Highlight Reel Opening Segment
Seth, Kane, HHH and Randy Orton enter to join Chris Jericho’s highlight reel. A discussion ensues about who should get a title opportunity against Brock Lesnar if the match does not go to John Cena. Randy Orton says it should be the “only” man who can beat Brock Lesnar, a 12 time world champion and third generation performer – himself. Kane of course thinks it should be him. Seth chimes in with “or maybe the future has already arrived. Maybe the future has already arrived with Mr. MITB himself. I have become one of the most intelligent and dangerous superstars in the locker room.” The moment he opens his mouth with the comment the crowd explodes into a pop for their home state man and a short chant of “Rollins” breaks out. Seth smirks to himself happily.
Cena finally enters after Jericho too claims he should be the proper guy for the match. Cena claims he has every right to the rematch or else he will sue HHH for all he is worth. Seth says HHH should maybe let Cena have the match because after all “If an opportunity presents itself, there is always plan B.”
Triple H decides he will give everyone in the ring a chance to prove their worth with a big tag match in the main event. Seth/Randy/Kane vs. Cena/Jericho/Roman! As everyone goes to leave the ring some brief fireworks ensue and Roman gets a hold of Seth’s dropped briefcase. When Seth orders him to give it back he gets the briefcase tossed into his midsection.

Cena/Roman/Chris def. Seth/Randy/Kane
As the main event starts off with Randy Orton and Roman Reigns the crowd chants “we want Rollins!” Finally Roman does “bring” Seth into the ring with a crash and starts beating him down in a corner. Randy Orton interrupts the punishment briefly and allows Seth to escape to the outside of the ring. The two stand frustrated as we go to commercial. As we come back from commercial Kane is in the ring along with Roman, the two battle briefly before Kane tags in Randy. Randy keeps the upper hand on the match for a couple minutes and then tags in Seth.
Seth goes to work on Roman on the outside of the ring before tossing him back in. Seth tries to lock Roman in a rear chin-lock but it doesn’t work for long as Roman is too big and rises to his feet, shaking Seth off his back.
Kane is tagged in against Roman and Roman side slams him, Kane makes the tag to Randy before Roman can crawl all the way back to his safe corner. Orton and Roman battle again for a short time before tagging in Seth and Chris. Jericho is fired up and hits his lionsault on Seth and then locks him firmly in the walls of Jericho. Randy Orton enters from behind to interrupt and chaos breaks out as everyone begins running in the ring. Seth catches Cena with a flying knee to the face and he gets a near fall on Jericho. As Seth gathers himself Jericho gets back to this feet and hits the codebreaker on Seth.
[Commercial Break]
We return to Randy and Chris battling it out and shortly after Randy makes a tag to Seth. Seth hauls Chris to his feet and delivers a chop and a punch in the corner. He goes top rope after squashing Chris in the corner, he goes for a high risk move but Jericho interrupts him mid-air assault with a massive kick. Seth goes flying but tags in Kane who goes to work grinding down Jericho in a sleeper, not allowing him to make it back to safety.
Seth doesn’t return until near the end of the match as Cena tosses him flying with a German suplex before delivering an AA to Kane. Roman Reigns is tagged in a delivers a huge spear to Kane, clinching the win for the babyface team. As Cena rubs the win in HHH’s face Seth attempts to attack him but gets suplexed onto the announce desk for his effort. A very unimpressed HHH and Stephanie McMahon glare down a celebrating Cena in the ring as Raw goes off air.

Published by Ash on September 2nd, 2014
Filed in Results and Photos

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