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Raw Digitals: Rollins Seeks Revenge

Revenge of Rollins
Stephanie and HHH start off Raw expressing their displeasure with Dean Ambrose escaping from their clutches the previous week and stealing the MITB Briefcase. Paul Heyman arrives on the scene shortly after, aiming to give everyone a piece of his mind. He questions why Seth Rollins attacked his client on NOC and if it was the authority’s decision.
Seth’s music hits to cheers from the audience. He says he acted alone at NOC and was not told to do so by anyone. He says he acted alone and Heyman should respect his decision as he is only trying to build his career similar to how Paul Heyman built a career. Paul Heyman doesn’t seem pleased by Rollins comments and says if it ever happens again, Seth will have to deal with the beast himself. Hunter gets in Heyman’s face before he leaves and says in a threatening tone, while leaning in Paul’s face… “I enjoyed our talk, have a nice night”. Heyman takes the hint and rushes off immediately.
Seth praises Steph and HHH for admonishing Dean Ambrose on his behalf and says that Ambrose probably thinks the whole situation is funny. He shouts that Ambrose has personal items of his inside of his briefcase. He wants the items returned immediately and says if Ambrose doesn’t come down to the ring right now, stomping his head into cinder blocks will seem like nothing. Ambrose appears on the screen saying he feels like sewing his eyes shut whenever he sees the authority. He says if Seth wants to get the briefcase back he has to come and get it.
As Seth begins running towards the back, Cena’s music hits and Cena attacks! Seth hightails it out of the ringside area, running into the crowd.
(Commercial Break)
Backstage after the break HHH and Steph are backstage in their office ordering Joey Mercury and Jamie Noble to get the briefcase back using any means possible.

Later on in the show Ambrose does decide to come out to the ring, he says he was at the concession stand the whole time and he even waved but they (Noble and Mercury) were too busy eating. He says he doesn’t like the merchandise being sold at the stands and he decides to have a clearance sale. Ambrose begins tossing around shirts trying to sell them but is interrupted by HHH’s newest crones. He mocks the two saying “oh look they sent the cruiser-weight division to get me.” Noble and Mercury decide not to confront Ambrose as he begins tossing shirts in the crowd. Seth enters on the scene with back-up and Ambrose surprisingly backs off. Seth gets to the briefcase and when he opens it he finds a surprise in the form of green goo being sprayed all over his face and clothes. Seth throws a temper tantrum and hollers at the two crones saying “I LOOK LIKE A JERK!”

Later on in the show Rollins would get some revenge as he appears during the Main Event. He helps Kane and Randy Orton deliver finishers to both Ambrose and Cena (only after the two fight over who gets to beat on Seth first, ironically saving him from a beating). The three authority members stand tall at the end of Raw, and Seth clutching his briefcase grinning.

Published by Ash on September 30th, 2014
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