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Raw Digitals: Rollins vs. Swagger

Seth Rollins def. Jack Swagger
After the authorities recruiting session at the beginning of Raw in which they sought to recruit Ryback, it is announced the leader of team authority Seth Rollins will face off against Jack Swagger to kick of our Raw matches.
The two men start off in a fast battle of wits to see who gain the first bit of an upper-hand in the match. Swagger gains the first bit of clear momentum when he grabs Seth into an abdominal stretch. Seth counters out of the hold only to be manhandled into the corner and take a huge hip toss. Seth escapes quickly to the outside of the ring and during the commercial break bounces Swagger’s head off the turnbuckle. Seth grabs a rear choke hold on Swagger but he powers out after a short time. Seth takes a run at him but ends up being launched over the ring ropes onto the floor. This however doesn’t deter him for long as when he enters the ring and takes a massive clothesline followed by a take down.

Seth takes a Swagger bomb and then gets caught in an ankle lock, but he fights his way to the ropes and Swagger is forced to break the hold. When Swagger returns to go on the attack Seth pulls down the ring ropes and it is Swagger this time who eats the floor. Seth decides to try an aerial attack but finds himself landing only to be caught in another ankle lock. The authority security force Swagger to break that hold and allow Seth to get the upper hand and roll Swagger back into the ring. Seth hits the big curb stomp and gets the three count! After the bell he makes good on the destruction and takes out Swagger again with another curb stomp. He then decides to tell Zeb Colter “I’ve got one for you too old man!” He tells Zeb and Swagger that, that is price you pay when you join team Cena.

Seth Welcomes Ryback
Seth decides to reassure Ryback that he made the best and the right decision. Seth restates what is at stake and says it will be his honor to lead the victory. Ryback claims he follows no ones orders and will destroy whatever is in his path.

Backstage and Main Event Mayhem
Backstage in Stephanie and HHH’s office the authority is having a meeting about whether their powerful teammate Ryback really is trustworthy. Kane doesn’t seem to think he is due to his anger issues. Ryback interrupts their little meeting asking if everyone is talking about him behind his back and giving a look that makes it clear he’d be please to KO any one of his future teammates. HHH makes it clear Ryback can do anything he wants- maim and destroy John Cena tonight. Hunter also reveals the rest of Team Cena is banned from ringside. Stephanie tells the whole authority crew that their careers and lives are on the line at survivor series, so they better stick to being on the same page.

Later during the main event more destruction breaks out at the end of the match, with both Survivor Series teams. Kane and Ryback soon get into an argument in the middle of the ring and Seth tries to play peace keeper, informing them they are on the same side. Ryback knocks Seth swiftly out of the way and the fight is on between the two teams. Seth stomps on the Big Show in the corner before being interrupted by Mark Henry.
At the end of the chaos Seth gets shell-shocked from Ryback. Evidently neither team will back down at Survivor Series and team authority has major kinks to work out if they will survive as a team.

Published by Ash on November 11th, 2014
Filed in Results and Photos

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