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Raw Digitals: Seth Rollins vs. Reigns & The Cutting Edge Peep Show

(Episode Recap: Raw ends in a very powerful way, and 2014 goes out with a bang as Seth proves he is once again an ultimate manipulator)

Roman Reigns vs. Seth Rollins
Roman starts off the match using his power to ram Seth’s shoulder, he takes Seth outside to bounce him off the edge of the ring. Seth turns the tables on Roman back in the ring, using his viciousness and speed to stomp Roman, and grind him down with a sleeper hold.
Roman battles back by getting Seth in the right spot for the big boot to the head. J&J Security distracts Roman allowing Seth the opportunity to drop kick him into the barricade.
The battle rages on in the ring with Seth once again trying to cut off Roman’s breath and take him down. Roman powers back once again hitting Seth with some big clotheslines and a power-slam. Just when it seems like Roman has Seth cornered, Seth counters with a powerful blow to Roman’s head. Seth would connect shortly after again, with Roman’s head causing the big man to kneel down. Seth gets caught with the superman punch. As the match nears its conclusion, predictably the result is not clean. Big Show involves himself and takes out Roman Reigns by grabbing his foot and yanking him out of the ring. He then proceeds to send Roman flying across the announce table and appears to knock him out. Roman has to be helped out of the ring during the commercial break.

A very confident Seth is seen backstage celebrating with J&J Security, and he reveals he will be inviting John Cena to join him on the “Cutting Edge Peep Show” tonight. He orders J&J to spread the word.
Seth appears later in the show once again backstage with Renee Young, who asks him to confirm that John Cena will appear on the cutting edge peep show. He confirms and says he is in such a chipper mood he thinks he will extend another invitation to Brock Lesnar. He then laughs and walks off with security trailing behind.

The Cutting Edge Peep Show
Seth seems very happy to be on the show and is eager to take a seat and get everything started. He explains he is a long time of Edge and Christian and they are part of the reason he competes in the ring today. Edge thanks him for the compliment but says he isn’t sure if he actually believes it.
The show continues with some banter and the Big Show arrives on scene, Seth’s new “big” fan. Seth begins to invite John Cena to join them but when Cena doesn’t respond after two attempts, Edge explains Seth is trying to do what they do only he sucks at it. When Seth says he is better than Edge and Christian Edge tells him he couldn’t be better even if he had a live sex celebration with the Big Show.
Seth makes a face and begins to get tense. Suddenly he strikes out at Christian with the briefcase, ramming into Christian’s midsection and sending him reeling to the outside. Seth and crew then corner Edge and Big Show grabs him by the neck and pins Edge down onto the briefcase.
Seth yells at John Cena to come to the ring, and he does. He screams at him to not make another step because if he does he will break Edge’s neck.
He screams at John “are you the phony I’ve been calling out for the last couple of months or are you the real deal John?!” “Bring the authority..back. BRING THE AUTHORITY BACK OR I BREAK HIS NECK!” Seth continues screaming that Cena made his life hell and he won’t hesitate or take any shame in breaking Edge’s neck right now. He will make Cena’s life hell. He taunts Cena saying Edge is a husband and a father and if he doesn’t give Seth what he wants then this man will never hold or play with his kids.

When Cena mumbles okay okay, Seth orders Jamie to give Cena a mic. And Cena says loud and clear “I bring back the authority!” Seth celebrates with some hooting and hollering and then utters the infamous phrase “You should know me better than that, I’m going to kill him anyways!” But Cena interrupts Seth mid-curb stomp and takes him down. Big Show attacks Cena, allowing Seth to curb stomp him. Seth and crew head to the top of the ramp and are greeted by Heyman and Lesnar. Heyman shakes Seth’s hand and the authority come out with champagne to celebrate their New Years victory.

Published by Ash on December 30th, 2014
Filed in Results and Photos

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