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Payback Photos: Shield Battles Evolution Digitals
Post-Show Photos: Shield Battles Evolution Digitals

The Shield vs. Evolution (Elimination No Holds Barred Match)
The match quickly moves into the aisle-way in front of the fans and outside the ring, as tempers flare between the teams. Once they do get back into the ring, Batista and Randy Orton turn their attention to Seth in attempts to eliminate the smallest member first. This is not to be so as Rollins and Reigns use a double team on Batista. An energetic Rollins doesn’t back down from the King of Kings either as he assaults the game with punches.
During the course of the match Batista’s face meets Rollins’s boot much to the delight of the audience (that had been chanting boo-tista throughout the match). When the fight goes yet again outside the ring, Rollins and Triple H fight all the way down the aisle of fans to a bunch of equipment set up. Seth tries to climb the boxes to launch an attack on HHH but HHH smacks Seth with an object he had concealed his hands (which looks to be a type of monitor). Rollins goes down and lays face first on the floor not moving. Dean also gets taken out of the equation and disappears from site as well. This allows the three members of Evolution to gain the upper hand and and toss Roman Reigns through the announce desk. Instead of trying to eliminate Reigns, Evolution stands over him mocking the Shield’s signature pose.
But, being cocky almost never comes without punishment and a flying Ambrose and Rollins from out of nowhere interrupt the premature celebration. The battle continues at the front of the entrance ramp as Ambrose gets tossed on top an awaiting chair back first. And Seth takes a stiff chair shot to the back. With both Dean and Seth laying hurting, Evolution turned their attention back to Roman Reigns with an evil plan in store. They toss a set of steps into the ring and find kendo sticks under the ring. They rip of Roman’s shirt and toss it aside. With one member of evolution holding Reigns arms, they stretch him across the stairs and begin whipping Reigns back with kendo stick shots.
The damage can be seen on Reigns’s back as he struggles to his feet outside of the ring towards his partners. Evolution tops the shot off with a steel chair. Ambrose interrupts the attack on Roman, trying to hit all members of Evolution. Evolution holds him down but fail to see Seth Rollins has made his way to the top of the television screen above the entrance. Seth takes out all three members of Evolution, changing the course of the match. Everyone begins to crawl towards the ring in this bizarre turn of events.
Back in the ring Roman and Seth team together to allow Seth to pin Batista. Ambrose takes care of Randy Orton with Dirty Deeds. Finally Seth’s flying knee connects with the back of HHH’s head and Roman gives him a spear for good measure. The Shield wins a clean sweep! Roman extends his hand out to Rollins who is also laying exhausted on the canvas and the two exchange a congratulatory hand squeeze.
Roman and Dean hug and the celebration continues onto the post-show.
The Shield pose on the announce desk after Dean finishes tossing chairs into the ring. Seth smacks the announce table with a kendo stick and puts it in his mouth still celebrating.

At their post show interview Dean has head down on the table while Seth and Roman look similarly exhausted. The Shield basically state they don’t care and will take it to the next level with their opponents.They all say they are hurting and Roman says “I think my triceps is torn”, and he makes a great statement about glory and honor which Dean says “too bad there’s already a t-shirt that says that.” Seth laughs a little under his breath at the strange statement.

Published by Ash on June 2nd, 2014
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