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Raw Digtals: Seth vs. Swagger/ Main Event Mayhem

Tensions Rising
Seth wanders down to the ring during Orton’s match with Dolph Ziggler and watches happily from the ringside area despite the threatening glances of Orton. After the conclusion of the match he goes after Ziggler with the curb stomp knocking him flat. Seth celebrates with his arms up, stealing Orton’s spotlight as Orton licks his lips and glares at Rollins from behind.

Seth Rollins vs. Jack Swagger
Seth going for a leapfrog in the early going but is caught. Seth counters the Irish whip coming his way though – he and Swagger circle each other and stare each other down. Seth counters swagger again and leaves to the ringside area saying the match is “too easy” with a happy smirk.
He hops back into the ring and leaps over swagger, he then goes to dodge again but gets knocked over and before he can escape to ringside again his is tossed back into the ring from the apron.

Seth goes top rope and hangs up Swagger chin first sending him reeling backwards. He then targets Swagger’s arm viciously yanking on it and takes him down using the arm, he then bends Swagger’s elbow backwards and stomps on it. The war on the arm continues until Seth gets slammed and Swagger goes up on the second rope but Seth dodges out of the ring again. He gets clothes-lined on the outside by Swagger. Seth though battles back by launching himself through the second rope with a suicide dive, driving his head into Swagger’s chest. He spots Orton who had wandered down to ringside a little earlier in the match and stares him down with a challenging glare. Back in the ring he continues to dominate the match and throws knees into a downed Swagger’s chest. Snap-mare take down by Rollins followed by a swift kick to the back. Swagger lays holding his back and Seth shows off for Orton and the fans start chanting “you suck!” Seth has Swagger in an arm bar as Orton slowly stalks closer to the ring. Rollins tries to leap over Swagger out of the irish whip but he gets German suplexed halfway across the ring! Swagger hits the Swagger bomb in the corner but he doesn’t get it.

Swagger attempting to take out Rollins’s knee but Seth rolls through the attempt on the ankle lock. Rollins tries to roll Swagger up for the quick win but when that doesn’t work he hits a super kick instead. Swagger manages to catch the leg of Rollins the second time but Seth grabs the ropes so he has to break his hold. Swagger attempting to catch Rollins next but Seth rolls him up in a small package and grabs fistfuls of Swagger’s tights for the dirty pin. Orton chooses the opportunity to sneak in for an RKO on Swagger and get in Seth’s face. Clearly this has become a war of who can top who between the two less than team-like authority members. The two stare each other down having words in the middle of the ring but nothing comes of it as Rollins backs away to leave.

Main Event
The authority chooses to watch the Main Event match, and things predictably go off the rails as Ambrose shoves Cena into the authority three. Everyone gets involved in an in ring brawl. During the chaos Ambrose manages to grab the contract on the pole giving him the right to face Seth at Hell in A Cell.

Published by Ash on October 14th, 2014
Filed in Results and Photos

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