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Rollins Exclusive:

Money In The Bank Digitals: MITB Contract Match

MITB Contract Match Recap:
Immediately at the start of the match Ambrose goes straight after Rollins with the two tumbling over each other out of the ring and slamming into a camera man before Seth lands in the time-keepers area. Rollins remains there while Ambrose proceeds to knock Kofi Kingston flying off the ladder into several of the other competitors on the floor.
Rollins meets him back in the ring and they engage in a war of who can climb the ladder first, both attempting to scramble up the ladder before the other yanks them off by their pants. No one wins this fun little battle and instead they decide to destroy each other with the ladders as props. Ambrose props a ladder into the corner of the ring and the two engage in a war of strength to see who can suplex who onto this less than desirable metal landing pad. In the end Seth comes out the loser get slammed off the ladder and flopping out of the ring in serious pain.
Everyone left standing decides to all try to climb the ladder at once and people are scrambling everywhere. Dolph and Kofi get furthest up the ladder but get distracted with Jack Swagger and end up sliding right back down to meet Ambrose. Ambrose gets knocked out and we are back to Dolph and Kofi battling it out on top. This doesn’t last long and Seth decides to ram both of them with another ladder. RVD kicks the ladder in Seth’s arms sending him reeling backwards.The two meet in a brief in ring mini match with Seth getting flipped end over end onto the mat. RVD props the ladder up in the corner with his own dastardly plan now; he places the ladder on top of the bottom ring ropes and lays Seth across it….rolling thunder onto the ladder!! There is a brief ECW and “You still got it” chants.
RVD continues laying everyone out and hits his finisher the five star frog splash on Jack Swagger. RVD makes it to the top of ladder but encounters Kofi then Jack Swagger. All men back to the mat and continue fighting and the ladder tips over. Swagger battering both RVD and Kofi with the ladder in the guts. A short time later RVD and Seth again fighting on top of the ladder but far away from the prize. Swagger carrying RVD on his shoulders plants him hard on the mat. Ambrose back in the picture climbing up to meet Seth Rollins. Ambrose superplexing Seth off the top of the ladder with a thundering crash in one of the biggest spots of the night.
More crashing and burning from the other competitors with Swagger getting planted and Kofi Kingston. Swagger climbing up all the way to the top and is met with RVD. Ambrose yanks Swagger off the ladder and clotheslines him while Seth yanks off RVD on the other side. The scramble begins again with Seth and Ambrose punching each other on the top of the ladder. Both men crashing and burning though. Ambrose soon ends up holding his shoulder yelling at officials to pop it back in as Seth looks on with almost a look of mild concern. Dean angry and fighting gets led to the back in severe anger.

Seth is left climbing the ladder with no one around but RVD runs interference this time. Kofi builds himself a sort of bridge to climb up and meet them with a second ladder- propping it on the top rope and a rung of the standing ladder. Seth gets flung off the ladder on top of the propped off ladder. The ladder bounces off the rope and plants Seth on his head and shoulder with a crash. On the ground the battle continues with a famouser to RVD by Dolph. Ziggler kicking the ladder into Swagger’s face. Zig-zag to Kingston with a crash off the ladder laying on flat in the ring. Swagger ankle locks Ziggler part way up the ladder but Ziggler still attempts to keep climbing using only his arms. Seth again crawling up the ladder to chants of we want Ambrose from the crowd. Ambrose is back with a chair viciously beating Seth Rollins with a steel chair. Ambrose climbing up the ladder with one arm! At the top of the ladder Kane’s pyro hits as he continues to try to grab the briefcase. Kane yanking Ambrose off the ladder and delivering a choke-slam and then a tombstone when Ambrose attempts to rise up again. Kane holding the ladder ready for Seth Rollins who climbs his way up to a victory!!! Seth Rollins is your Mr.MITB! After his celebration at the top of the ladder Seth is joined by a very proud HHH and Stephanie McMahon on the top of the entrance ramp for more celebration!

Published by Ash on June 30th, 2014
Filed in Results and Photos

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