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Seth Rollins vs. John Cena (Steel Cage/Rematch)
Seth immediately starts of the match by trying to scale the wall of the cage in true Ninja fashion but gets caught by Cena as his second foot is about to clear the side of the cage. Huge dueling chants for Cena start from the crowd. Seth goes for the pin and grabs his sore back. He pops Cena in the jaw and throws another forearm to the jaw to Cena in the corner. Seth begins to scream at him and Cena responds by flipping Seth into the cage wall as Seth clings onto it using his agility. Cena grabs a hold of him again and delivers a massive bulldog of the top rope.
Cena climbs up one side of the cage as Seth tries to recover, while Seth goes crawling for the door. Soon both men are battling to crawl out the door! Seth ends up hanging butt first out the door nearly hitting the floor. After the precious close escape he is drug back into the ring as the battle rages on. Seth puts Cena down on the mat and goes for another escape plan. Cena jumps up onto the ropes as well hoisting Seth up onto his shoulders. Seth rolls through the legs of Cena and picks him up and drives him into the opposite ring corner. Pin attempt is made but it is not enough yet!
Cena begins his moves of doom on Seth but Seth catches him, Cena counters Seth and Seth gets both finishers. Pin attempt, Seth kicks at two.
As Cena goes for an easy exit, Jamie Noble holds the door shut and Cena rams his shoulder into the door knocking Noble flying into the barricade.
Both competitors are soon back on the top rope but Seth crashes to the mat. Cena takes flight with a leg drop on Seth’s neck. Near fall but Seth kicks out. Seth gathers himself up as Cena tries to decide his next strategy, Cena tries to climb out and seth also tries to climb. Cena goes for an AA, Seth ends up climbing the cage again. Seth with a skywalker on Cena off the top rope! Pinfall, and surprise he only gets a two count!
Seth limps slightly as he stands up yelling at Cena “This is what you asked for! This is what you wanted!” Alluding to the fact both men are injured and sore from last night. “You put yourself in this situation and now you are going to pay!”. Seth bounces Cena’s face off the cage.
Lets go Cena, lets go Rollins chants echo through the arena loudly. Rollins gets smashed face first off the cage. Cena attempts to escape again, and eats the door hard as it’s smashed into his face! J&J security add some more potential insult to injury by throwing the MITB briefcase into the cage. Both men fight it out at full speed and Seth gets turned inside out by a massive clothesline. Both men trade punches to “ya!” and “boo” chants! Seth clocks Cena with the briefcase but it doesn’t get the job done!
Neither man seems to be able to outdo the other one and just as the battle reaches it’s absolute height Brock’s music hits! Brock Lesnar German suplexes the crap out of Cena. Seth has a priceless expression on his face as he hides behind the ropes. The expression mixed of fear and awe. Heyman offers his hand to Seth. Seth thinks about it and smirks, and decides to shake his hand. Brock and Heyman exit the scene of the crime leaving Cena laying injured. Seth gets the curb stomp on Cena! He walks out of the cage slowly to cheers by J&J security. Seth is your winner and is hoisted on J&J’s shoulders as Raw goes off air.

Published by Ash on December 16th, 2014
Filed in Results and Photos

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