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In addition to the Raw update tonight WWE has updated Seth’s profile with a photo with his his new gear. I’ve also added the profile photo with the suit.

Seth Rollins Bio Photo 2014 Profile Photos: Updated Profile Pictures

Raw Digitals: Seth Rollins vs.RVD & MITB Announcement Photos

Seth Rollins vs. RVD
HHH arrives to the ring to announce the rest of the MITB ladder match participants. He states that Seth is his favorite and he knows Seth will win the match. Seth arrives on the scene on cue and happily struts down the ring, flipping over the ring ropes and drawing attention to the new authority t-shirt he is wearing. He states that he knows it will be him and only him to climb the ladder and get the briefcase. We are then surprised to hear RVD’s entrance music. RVD confronts Seth saying he will be the victorious one even though everyone doesn’t take him seriously. Seth replies that he would take RVD more seriously if it was 2005. RVD replies that at that point Seth was likely asking his mommy to stay up late and watch him on TV. Seth simply laughs at the response and asks HHH to get a piece of RVD.
HHH agrees to the match and orders a ref down to the ring immediately.

The match commences and RVD seems to be getting the upper hand as Seth takes a spill over the top ropes directly before commercial break. Seth takes control of RVD after the commercial break with a side headlock. He then slams RVD’s head to the back of the mat with an athletic take-down. Seth taking the boots to RVD next and does quick roll before clothes-lining RVD. To try and wear the former MITB winner down, he applies a sleeper hold with a body scissor. RVD somehow manages to work his way back to his feet and flip Seth Rollins off. He goes to enziguri Seth but misses. After a series of moves RVD catches Rollins with a boot to the face and his trademark roll. RVD gains momentum and heads for the frog splash but Rollins wisely rolling out of the way. An angry Rollins goes after RVD with punches. He then picks up RVD and throws him headfirst into the turnbuckle. Seth has RVD finished with peace of mind but Ambrose suddenly arrives attacking Seth. The two fight outside of the ring over the timekeepers area and when Seth tries to make a get away Dean Ambrose runs across the announce tables violently leaping on Seth yet again. Rollins manages to make his get away finally. Ambrose says if they don’t add him to the MITB ladder match he will still go to the pay-per view and bash Seth’s face in. He threatens to screw up the entire pay-per view.

Backstage a short while later we see Seth Rollins asking HHH to please put Ambrose in the MITB match. He says that he has controlled Dean Ambrose for a couple years in the Shield but needs Ambrose where he can see him. HHH finally agrees to Seth’s persistence and slots Ambrose into the match.

Published by Ash on June 24th, 2014
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