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Raw Result: Seth Rollins Vows to Burn Suplex City to the Ground, Battleground Contract Signed
Video: Burning Suplex City
Video: Contract Signed & Kane Overturned

Champion & Champion Meet to Sign Their Fate
Even after Brock Lesnar turned J&J Security — and their prized Cadillac — into mincemeat last week, give Seth Rollins credit where it’s due. The Architect didn’t blink at the prospect of staring down The Beast Incarnate in Raw’s opening moments, even if he only had a well-rested Kane to speak of as his backup. Despite his depleted defenses, The Architect certainly talked a big game, as did Kane when Lesnar and Paul Heyman attempted to bait the Director of Operations into fighting The Conqueror by bringing up Lesnar’s most infamous deed. Ever the professional, Kane brushed the taunts aside, at least until champion and challenger reunited with their respective retinues for the contract signing later in the night.

One ax handle, one overturned table and one broken ankle later, and Seth Rollins is officially set to defend his WWE World Heavyweight Championship against Brock Lesnar at WWE Battleground. Despite the insistence of Kane that a plan was in play to weaken The Beast before Battleground, the contract signing quickly turned into a one-man demolition spree once pen had been put to paper.

Not only did Lesnar flip the aforementioned table in Rollins’ face, but Kane, who’d stood tough against Heyman’s slandering of his brother and an increasingly hostile Rollins all night, also suffered the broken ankle. The injury came after Kane’s master plan — an ax handle stored under the contract table — failed to pan out and his gritty efforts to fend Lesnar off were eventually thwarted by The Beast Incarnate and a set of steel steps. Further ignominy followed when a frustrated Rollins insulted Kane and stomped on his ruined ankle, pausing only to promise, once again, that he’d slay The Beast at Battleground. Partially because of adrenaline, sure, but at this point, it’s fair to say Rollins has nothing left to lose.

Published by Ash on July 14th, 2015
Filed in Results and Photos

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