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Raw Result: Seth Rollins Wins Superstar of the Year 2015
Seth Sends A Message to the WWE Universe
Thanks to members of #TeamRollins & WWE, Seth Rollins was crowned Superstar of the Year and was in fact there to accept his award! Thank You to everyone who make a point of voting or tweeting to let WWE know who the rightful winner was and for supporting Seth Rollins all year long.

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Raw Result: Seth Rollins Gains A New Challenge
Video: Seth Rollins Responds to Sting’s Appearance

Seth Rollins Celebrates Making History
The Vigilante is back. No, not this vigilante. The Vigilante, The Icon, The Man Called Sting. One week after resurfacing for the first time since the night after WrestleMania and officially staking his claim on the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, Sting opened Raw with a few choice words for the title’s current bearer, Seth Rollins. Specifically, he called Rollins’ continued reign as champion a mockery of justice, to say nothing of The Architect’s self-proclaimed status as a living legend. All of which made for a perfect opportunity for Stinger to seek the one major title he has yet to win and to take Rollins, a “little boy” who he says can’t stack up to Triple H on his best day, for “a heck of a ride.”

Seth Rollins wanted his statue back. Fair enough. But much like the first time Rollins thought he was receiving a tribute from The Authority, The Architect ended up with yet another Superstar sizing up one of his championships. Specifically, John Cena, who is owed a rematch for the U.S. Championship, showed up to make good on that clause.

Despite Stephanie McMahon presumably having Rollins’ back as one of his benefactors, she had no choice but to sanction the contest, at which point Sting re-emerged to join Cena in staring Rollins down. So to recap: Rollins has two title defenses at Night of Champions; he has to deal with Stephanie taking him to task over saying he’s on Triple H’s level; and he still doesn’t have his statue. Hey, nobody said being The Man was easy.

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WWE is offering an opportunity for 30 lucky fans to join a crossfit workout with Seth Rollins during the WWE Live Australia Tour!
The exclusive workout is limited to the 30 participants (with a max two tickets per individual) and you must be 18 or older. The workout takes place on Friday August 7th at Crossfit Richmond (116 Murphy Street Richmond, VIC).

For More Info Visit the Website: Bang Tango: Crossfit Experience

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May The Fourth Be With You: Fatal Four Way

Raw Digitals: May 4th Photos

Raw Result: Dean Ambrose def. Seth Rollins
Kane decrees that if Dean Ambrose beats Seth Rollins in the rematch tonight on Raw, he will be a part of the title match at Payback, making the match a Fatal Four Way. The two have an incredible battle of wills with Seth not willing to give up and allow his former Shield brother to take a place in his title match. Dean Ambrose wanting the ultimate revenge and the ultimate prize. Ambrose shows his vicious side, clawing at Seth’s face and Seth fires back with his own signature flying style. Both men at points in the match send each other flying over the ropes onto the floor. The two viciously assault each other and each gets near falls.
Dean Ambrose though sends Seth crashing neck and shoulder first onto the mat in dramatic fashion. Not even Seth security brings victory to Seth this time as Ambrose gets him caught with a roll up for the three count.

[Seth on Commentary]
Later on Seth makes an appearance on commentary for Randy Orton vs. Roman Reigns, neither look impressed at Seth’s presence at ringside as Jamie Noble proudly proclaims that Seth is a guest on commentary. Seth is pestered with questions from Michael Cole, and he states there is no way he should have to prove himself to anyone as he has dozens of times. “Everyone day of his life he should thank me”, he says of Roman Reigns.
When Seth and his security staff jump in on the main event, Dean Ambrose runs to join the chaos that ends Raw. Each man hitting a move on another with Ambrose looking over the fallen bodies. An unpredictable fatal four way now looms on the horizon.

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