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Category: PPV

Survivor Series Digitals
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Seth Rollins def. Shinsuke Nakamura
In their first-ever one-on-one battle, Intercontinental Champion Seth Rollins bested United States Champion Shinsuke Nakamura, scoring a crucial second victory for Monday Night Raw at Survivor Series 2018 in the process. Despite the recent betrayal by his Shield brother Dean Ambrose, The Kingslayer was able to put his personal turmoil aside in this intense Champion vs. Champion Match. But the win didn’t come easy.

Following some back-and-forth mind games between both titleholders, Nakamura seized the early advantage by way of his unmatched striking range, grounding The Kingslayer with brutal kicks that seemed to signal a win for Team Blue in the night’s first Champion vs. Champion clash. But Rollins persevered, sending Nakamura out of the ring and hitting The President of Nak-America with three consecutive dives that not only slowed Nakamura’s offense, but also planted some seeds of frustration.

After absorbing a Ripcord Knee from Rollins, the incensed Nakamura connected with a Kinshasa, but Rollins, somehow, kicked out at two. The U.S. Champion attempted his signature knee strike twice more, but the wily Rollins evaded the move both times and ultimately connected with a match-ending Stomp, giving Raw a 2-0 advantage over SmackDown LIVE.
The Kingslayer lived up to his name, as The King of Strong Style was, well, slayed at Survivor Series 2018, reminding the WWE Universe why Monday Night Raw is also “Monday Night Rollins.”

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Nakamura Gives Seth Rollins Credit Following their Match

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Published by Ash on November 19th, 2018
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Drew McIntyre & Dolph Ziggler def. Dean Ambrose & Seth Rollins (Tag Team Title Match)
It’s not every day that The Shield walk into a fight and don’t come out the winner, so it says a lot about Dolph Ziggler & Drew McIntyre that they held off two of The Hounds of Justice — Dean Ambrose & Seth Rollins — to retain the Raw Tag Team Championship … even if they resorted to some rule-breaking when things truly got dire.

Ambrose & Rollins came into the match looking to prove themselves as workhorses, and while they certainly worked hard, the champions worked smart, staying juuust on the right side of the rulebook while employing a timely array of distractions and interference to stop the challengers from reaching full steam. When Ambrose chopped McIntyre down to his knees, Ziggler jumped the ropes to start a commotion that helped the Scotsman escape. When Rollins had Ziggler lined up for a suicide dive, McIntyre tripped him up in the ropes, and The Showoff pounced with a DDT.

As the match began to go long, strategy seemed to go out the window, with Ambrose throwing hands at anything that moved (he had eyes for McIntyre in particular) and Rollins answering Ziggler’s counters with counters of his own in an athletic showcase. Eventually, the champions managed to work their way back to their initial game plan, though they were far less subtle this time around as McIntyre blatantly rushed the ring and struck in the middle of a Rollins sequence, obliterating The Kingslayer with the Claymore while he was hoisting Ziggler up for the Falcon Arrow. The Showoff fell on top of the KO’d Rollins to earn the three-count, ending a bout that may well have remade the Tag Team division as Corey Graves said — yes, it was that good. But even if the game has changed, the titles stay where they are.

Seth Rollins & Dean Ambrose Attack Drew & Dolph during the World Title Match
According to Braun Strowman, all Mick Foley had to do as the Special Guest Referee was count the pinfall on Universal Champion Roman Reigns. As it turned out, the conclusion to the main event of WWE Hell in a Cell wasn’t so simple, as the arrival of several Superstars, including Brock Lesnar, brought the bout to an unprecedented ending: A no contest.

Even for the notoriously anything-goes Cell, which just that night had played host to borderline torture from Randy Orton, the Reigns-Strowman bout was shaping up to be particularly lawless. Strowman was so sure he’d win the bout — which doubled as his Money in the Bank cash-in — that he snatched the Universal Title out of Reigns’ hands just before the bell. The Monster Among Men certainly backed up his bravado, though, beating The Big Dog about the crimson structure with gleeful abandon and kicking out of every Spear and Superman Punch thrown his way — and there were a few. As he said to Reigns himself, “your boys can’t help you.”

Except, maybe they could. When Dolph Ziggler & Drew McIntyre — Strowman’s “Dogs of War” — attempted to force their way into the Cell, Dean Ambrose & Seth Rollins ran interference and initiated a mad scramble around and atop the Hell in a Cell. All four Superstars threw fists and swung kendo sticks with reckless abandon atop the harrowing structure, and the brawl ended with McIntyre and Ambrose laid out atop the cage, while Rollins and Ziggler tumbled off the side through the commentary table. Then, Brock Lesnar’s music hit, and what had been a figurative hell turned literal very fast.

The Beast Incarnate, who lost the Universal Title to Reigns at SummerSlam (and had been denied the rematch he wanted at WWE Hell in a Cell), kicked open the door and attacked both champion and challenger, reducing a chunk of a table to splinters across their backs before laying both out with F-5s — Reigns landing on top of Strowman. Paul Heyman, meanwhile, incapacitated Foley with what looked like pepper spray to the face, leaving the replacement ref no choice but to call off the match. So Strowman’s cash-in fails. Reigns’ big defense ends in ruins. And Brock Lesnar is ready and willing to unleash hell on anyone who’s anywhere near the Universal Championship.

Hell In A Cell Digitals
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Published by Ash on September 17th, 2018
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Seth Rollins def. Dolph Ziggler to win the Intercontinental Championship
Back when Dolph Ziggler beat Seth Rollins for the Intercontinental Title on June 18, The Showoff had Drew McIntyre in his corner, and Rollins had nobody. This time, The Kingslayer brought a Lunatic, and that backup from Dean Ambrose made all the difference.

Ambrose proved he had Rollins’ back right from the bell as he stepped to McIntyre when it appeared Drew was going to inject himself into the contest. Rollins embodied that same mentality, quickly taking the fight to Dolph with an array of strikes and chops. Ziggler cunningly took advantage, swarming Rollins with gritty offense designed to keep The Architect both cornered and down.

Rollins then countered a Ziggler-attempted crossbody, which resulted in Rollins dropping The Showoff (and inadvertently himself) over the top rope onto the floor with an unbelievable suplex. Each Superstar scored with big hits from there. Ziggler spiked Rollins with a ring-rattling spike DDT onto the edge of the ring. The Kingslayer battled back and hit Dolph with an awe-inspiring reverse Superplex from the top freaking rope, which he then followed with a Falcon Arrow.

That unbelievable sequence had Rollins closing in on the victory, but The Scottish Psychopath chucked Ambrose into the steel steps on the outside, which distracted Rollins. Ziggler used the opening to connect with the Zig Zag, but The Architect miraculously kicked out, which brought McIntyre to the apron, but The Lunatic Fringe stopped The Scottish Psychopath and dropped him with Dirty Deeds.

With the fight now even, Rollins countered Ziggler’s superkick with one of his own and then put Ziggler’s lights out with a Stomp for the victory and his second Intercontinental Championship.

Pay-Per View Digitals
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Published by admin on August 20th, 2018
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Seth Rollins def. The Miz (To Retain the intercontinental)
The Miz’s quest to claim his ninth Intercontinental Championship ended at WWE Backlash when Raw’s Seth Rollins defeated The A-Lister to retain the title, thus sending Miz back to SmackDown LIVE without his signature prize.

That’s a bitter pill to swallow for Miz, who has essentially hitched his identity to the Intercontinental Title over the last two years. In fact, he’s weeks shy of the all-time cumulative record reign, and a victory here would have tied him with Chris Jericho at nine stints as champion. With history at stake, Miz brought a near-perfect game plan to WWE Backlash, but Rollins — who christened himself as a “fighting champion” this past week on Raw in an effort to distance himself from Universal Champion Brock Lesnar — fought with all his heart to finally earn the checkmate.

Miz had taken an L before the match even began, as The Miztourage declined to rejoin their former leading man at ringside. Miz still rose to the occasion at first, countering everything Rollins threw at him and rolling outside the ring to slow the match down each time The Architect began to heat up. The A-Lister’s excellent game plan forced Rollins to go high-risk, and while one maneuver — a picture-perfect Frog Splash from the rafters — hit its mark, The Architect’s attempt at a Revolution Knee on the apron did not, and he smashed his knee full-bore into the ring post.

Miz seized his moment and wrenched Rollins into the Figure-Four Leg-lock, but Rollins showed his heart, which made the difference as the match entered its final stretch. The Kingslayer not only powered his way out of the Figure-Four, but he kicked out of a pair of Skull-Crushing Finales (one of which came after Miz dead-lifted Rollins into position), and in the match’s deciding moment, Rollins used a half-second window in between dueling roll-up attempts to stomp Miz into the mat for the victory. So, Miz heads back to SmackDown empty-handed but impressive in defeat. Rollins returns to Raw with championship in hand, a line of challengers at his doorstep, and ready to fight the good fight.

Pay-Per View Digitals Exclusive Captures
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Published by Ash on May 7th, 2018
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TLC Kick-Off Show Interview
We get a short interview with Seth & Dean on the pre-show where they look exceptionally confident. Seth and Dean are unsure what Kurt Angle has to bring to the table, but Dean says it doesn’t matter if he has nothing left, when he comes to the ring with The Shield he will give it his all. They also refuse to reveal their strategy on a pre-show. Seth is also questioned on how he “contains” Dean Ambrose. Seth chuckles and replies that “you don’t contain it, you unleash it.” Seth says that Dean is in his element with these matches.

Seth/Dean & Kurt Angle Backstage Segment
We finally see Seth and Dean approach Kurt Angle in the locker room area. Kurt immediately tells the two that he will give them everything he has left. Seth and Dean reply that they did not come to discuss strategy. They tell Angle “we came to give you this,” and hold out a vest. Angle takes the vest looking extremely happy as Dean and Seth leave the locker room.

Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose & Kurt Angle def. The Miz, Braun Strowman, The Bar & Kane
It wasn’t just the vest, or the fact that he entered the ring through the crowd with Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins. Kurt Angle, acting as an “honorary member of The Shield” in his first WWE match in 11 years, proved as natural a fit for The Hounds of Justice as the sidelined Roman Reigns in the epic 5-on-3 Handicap Tables, Ladders & Chairs Match that pit the impromptu trio against the all-star squad of The Miz, Cesaro, Sheamus, Braun Strowman & Kane, helping guide the brothers in black to a winning effort in the chaotic match.

Despite being on the short end of the contest’s handicap, Angle leaned heavily into the first of his legendary Three I’s (“Intensity”) in his early offense while Ambrose & Rollins threw caution to the wind by leaping off of ladders with a Frog Splash-elbow drop combo that drove Strowman and Kane through the announce tables. Angle singlehandedly took his opponents apart with suplexes to Miz and Cesaro and an Ankle Lock attempt to Kane, but rust still turned The Olympic Hero into the de facto weak link of the group. That made him ripe pickings for Strowman, who thinned The Shield’s ranks by hitting him with a Running Powerslam through a table that brought out a crew of trainers to take Angle to the back.

With a 5-on-2 advantage, the only thing that could have stopped Miz’s crew at this point was themselves — and it seemed like that would happen when Kane accidentally blasted Strowman with a chair, setting off an intense showdown between the two dominant big men. Miz quickly got his team back on track, bringing in a garbage truck to literalize his pre-match promise to treat The Shield and Angle like “garbage.”
Ambrose & Rollins managed to fight out of the truck’s bed and prepared to take Kane out with a double suplex through a table, which Strowman quickly broke up … and The Big Red Machine paid Braun back by chokeslamming him through the stage and releasing a deluge of chairs from the ceiling onto him. Strowman soon stirred to life, but with a loose cannon among them, The Miz, The Bar and Kane had no choice but to throw The Monster Among Men into the garbage truck, close the bed on him and have him driven away.

Still sitting pretty at 4-on-2, The Miz and his cohorts were all but certain to walk away victorious, with The Big Red Machine inches from Tombstoning Ambrose into the dirt. And then Angle returned with a glint in his eye and ice in his veins. The four-time WWE Champion singlehandedly dismantled The Bar with a pair of Angle Slams — Cesaro’s through a table — while Ambrose & Rollins took Kane out with a double Spear through the barricade.

The Miz, now left alone with his General Manager, showed unexpected grit by administering a Skull-Crushing Finale for a two-count and then escaping an Ankle Lock. But when the Raw Tag Team Champions returned to circle The A-Lister, what came next was all but a foregone conclusion: Ripcord Knee, Dirty Deeds, and Angle Slam, followed by a ring-shaking Triple Powerbomb with Angle covering Miz for the pinfall.
Seventeen years to the day after winning his first WWE Title in this same building, Kurt Angle has returned, and in a match where Ambrose & Rollins vowed to go out on their shields, your Olympic Hotel-Echo-Romeo-Oscar instead rode to glory on his. Oh, it’s true.

TLC Digitals
TLC (Live Coverage) Screencaptures
*Full HD Screencaps Coming Soon!

Video Clips:
The Shield Drop an Elbow off A Ladder- WWE YouTube

Full TLC Video – Coming Soon

Published by Ash on October 23rd, 2017
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