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To our awesome Rollins supporters – life has been one heck of a whirlwind this year! I try as much as possible to keep my personal life out of the websites I run, but I feel I need to take the time to say some thank you’s, and give you all some insight.

These websites are truly equal parts hard work & a lot of joy at times for those of us behind the scenes. While I can’t speak for every site webmaster, or webmiss out there, (because it’s impossible to know everyone!) we are for the most part just passionate fans who wanted to share the love we have for a superstar with others. We want to support our superstar (or superstars) in their highest highs and lowest lows. Some of us spend hours of our time crafting content, and spend at times hundreds of dollars to keep site’s going strong. It’s not something you can work half-hearted at and last very long.

It’s an interesting world and sometimes the real world gets involved and butts heads with our fansite world. I’ve had one of those curveball years here. In this year alone I have: completed my career as a student, found a new career, moved to a new place in a new town, and worked hard at overcoming some old personal demons. I’ve also had many people that helped me out on my sites leave due to things going on in their lives (this happens and there’s absolutely no hard feelings). All of the above have taken up countless hours and days of my time, that caused me to fall further behind on website posts and brought some projects to a pause. I’ve felt extremely guilty, and sad that I’ve had to take several hiatuses from most site activities beyond doing weekly show posts for my active wrestlers. In all the years I’ve been at this, this was the one where I’ve had to be away the most. Make no mistake though – I am STILL a dedicated wrestling fan who has never stopped caring about the people I’ve dedicated sites to. I have always worked to keep building up the sites and I will work to replace the missing posts, as I always have. 2019 is a rebuild year and it’ll take time, but as long as wrestling still makes me smile I don’t plan on stopping. I do this only for fun & to support the wrestlers who have given inspiration, hope, and memories.

For those who have sent comments expressing their displeasure, please realize that behind the scenes of most of fansites is someone who is probably hating it every time they have to miss a fun post, or live coverage. It’s a challenge to keep up with everything and do it well. Not every page can update 5 minutes after things happen. It’s unfortunate not everyone will understand, but for those who do I thank you again!

SO – during this time, I thank everyone who has been so patient and is still with the site as a follower. Some of you I’ve seen on my TL since I started and that means so much. Thank you to anyone who has ever donated photos, stories, videos, or sent out kind thoughts to the site. Thank you to those who have cheered on Seth this year, as the true champion and workhorse of Raw (we all know he was)! I also thank anyone who supports the other members of our site family.

My website resolutions/plans are as follows:
– Complete layout overhaul (I know it’s been a long time I’m sorry!)
– Finding someone to help with weekly screenshots
– Adding new feature pages (because who doesn’t want more Seth)
– Video Page
and whatever else I can come up with along the way!

Keeping watch this space!
Thank you,
Webmiss Cassidy

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Survivor Series Digitals
Captures (Full) *Coming Soon*

Seth Rollins def. Shinsuke Nakamura
In their first-ever one-on-one battle, Intercontinental Champion Seth Rollins bested United States Champion Shinsuke Nakamura, scoring a crucial second victory for Monday Night Raw at Survivor Series 2018 in the process. Despite the recent betrayal by his Shield brother Dean Ambrose, The Kingslayer was able to put his personal turmoil aside in this intense Champion vs. Champion Match. But the win didn’t come easy.

Following some back-and-forth mind games between both titleholders, Nakamura seized the early advantage by way of his unmatched striking range, grounding The Kingslayer with brutal kicks that seemed to signal a win for Team Blue in the night’s first Champion vs. Champion clash. But Rollins persevered, sending Nakamura out of the ring and hitting The President of Nak-America with three consecutive dives that not only slowed Nakamura’s offense, but also planted some seeds of frustration.

After absorbing a Ripcord Knee from Rollins, the incensed Nakamura connected with a Kinshasa, but Rollins, somehow, kicked out at two. The U.S. Champion attempted his signature knee strike twice more, but the wily Rollins evaded the move both times and ultimately connected with a match-ending Stomp, giving Raw a 2-0 advantage over SmackDown LIVE.
The Kingslayer lived up to his name, as The King of Strong Style was, well, slayed at Survivor Series 2018, reminding the WWE Universe why Monday Night Raw is also “Monday Night Rollins.”

Video Clips:

– More –
Nakamura Gives Seth Rollins Credit Following their Match

Full Video Links:
*Coming Soon*

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Raw Digitals
Captures (Full) *Coming Soon*

Roman Reigns Relinquishes the Title to Battle Leukemia
In the opening moments of Raw, Roman Reigns emerged to announce that he had been living with leukemia for 11 years and the disease’s return would force him to relinquish the Universal Championship and take a leave of absence from WWE.

Dressed in street clothes, The Big Dog mingled briefly with fans at ringside before dropping the persona of Roman Reigns to address the WWE Universe as Joe and detail his history of living with leukemia. In an emotional but optimistic address, Reigns recounted his initial diagnosis and remission in late 2008 and thanked the WWE Universe for making his dreams come true. He said he was going to go home to focus on his family and health, but he made one thing clear on the way out: “This is by no means a retirement speech.”
Speaking of the “faith” that had carried him through his life, Reigns promised the WWE Universe that he would return to “swing for the fences” at whatever curve-balls life threw at him, with a final sign-off before a tearful embrace with The Shield atop the ramp: “I will beat this, and I will be back, so you will see me very, very soon.”

Seth Rollins & Dean Ambrose def. Drew McIntyre & Dolph Ziggler for Tag Team Titles
How do you properly honor Roman Reigns as he takes his leave of absence to battle leukemia? According to Dean Ambrose & Seth Rollins, there is only one option: To win. Competing under the name of The Shield, they did just that and won one for Reigns — and then, Ambrose went into business for himself.

Yes, The Lunatic Fringe finally snapped after weeks of in-house tension among The Hounds of Justice, unloading a torrent of fists on The Kingslayer after the two brothers in black dethroned Dolph Ziggler & Drew McIntyre to become Raw Tag Team Champions. They got that win thanks in no small part to an assist from Braun Strowman, who came seeking vengeance against Drew McIntyre and took The Scottish Psychopath out of the match by brawling with him through the crowd, leaving Ziggler ripe for a Stomp that sealed the match.

Dean Ambrose Attacks Seth Rollins Following the Win
What was shaping up to be an emotional celebration in Reigns’ name, however, turned into Ambrose’s moment in a horrifying hurry. The Lunatic Fringe dropped Rollins with Dirty Deeds and slowly and methodically beat his fellow champion around and outside the ring before finally administering a second Dirty Deeds on the exposed concrete of the arena, ditching his black shirt and walking up through the crowd they had come through. On a night when Roman Reigns made an incredible sacrifice as a Raw Superstar, his brothers had seemingly pulled out all the stops to honor him. Now, Reigns has left. Ambrose has come undone. Those are the facts. Beyond that, it’s difficult to say what anybody should believe.

Video Clips:

– More –
Roman Relinquishes the Title
Seth & Dean Win Tag Titles
Dean Attacks Seth

Full Video Links:
*Coming Soon*

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Raw Digitals
Captures (Full) *Coming Soon*

Braun, Drew & Dolph def. The Shield (Dean Ambrose Walks Out Post-Match
Braun Strowman wasn’t thrilled that he, Drew McIntyre and Dolph Ziggler lost to The Shield at WWE Super Show-Down. He even went so far to demand that his pack learn to pull their weight. In short, they did, and The Shield are left with more questions than answers just days after they seemed to quash any rumors of turmoil within their camp.

Ziggler & McIntyre — McInytre especially — didn’t just close out the “pack’s” rematch against The Hounds of Justice; they were key players in every sense of the word, keeping their squad in the game each time Strowman’s aggression got the better of him. Which, given Braun’s single-minded pursuit of Roman Reigns’ Universal Title, was often. In fact, Strowman seemed like he might actually throw down with his own team after he berated Ziggler on the apron before coming face-to-face with a furious-looking McIntyre.

Sensing victory, The Shield moved to put the match away, kicking off a wild brawl in and around the ring that ended with Strowman being leveled by a vicious Spear from Reigns on the outside. Dean Ambrose, The Shield’s closer from Australia, was in the ring. But McIntyre stayed patient through the scramble and sprang at the perfect moment, catching Ambrose with a lights-out Claymore that put the match away.

Ambrose did not seem to take the defeat well. While Reigns and Seth Rollins recuperated in the ring, The Lunatic Fringe — who reaffirmed his commitment to The Shield just days prior — rolled out from under the ropes and made his exit without so much as a glance toward his brothers, leaving them to wonder what they were seeing: Disappointment? Dissent? Or just dejection from a Superstar who felt he hadn’t pulled his weight? Only one man knows, and he isn’t talking.

Video Clips:

Full Video Links:
*Coming Soon*

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Raw Digitals
Captures (Full) *Coming Soon*

Dean Ambrose Declares his Loyalty to the Shield & Faces Braun Strowman
So, what’s the deal with Dean Ambrose and The Shield? After much speculation about whether The Lunatic Fringe would turn on The Hounds of Justice last week, the former WWE Champion opened Raw with an interview with Charly Caruso meant to address the lingering questions of The Lunatic’s loyalty. However, the former WWE Champion refused to allow himself to be pinned down: Even though he acknowledged the “truth” of what Braun Strowman, Dolph Ziggler & Drew McIntyre said about him and cryptically (and maybe sarcastically) hinted that if he was going to turn on Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns, he’d probably wait until everybody least expected it, Ambrose ultimately declared he’d rather be judged by his actions rather than the speculation of the WWE Universe.

He closed the interview by confirming The Shield would be a united front heading into WWE Super Show-Down on Saturday, but at least one Superstar wasn’t buying it. Acting General Manager Baron Corbin, still smarting from his loss last week, gave Ambrose a chance to show where he really stood by choosing one of three options for his match on Raw: A Universal Championship Match against Reigns, an Intercontinental Championship Match with Rollins, or a one-on-one match with Strowman. When Ambrose tried to turn it around and finagle a match with Corbin, The Lone Wolf made the decision for The Lunatic Fringe, placing him in an immediate match with Strowman instead.

Could Dean Ambrose beat Braun Strowman? He certainly came close when he planted The Monster Among Men with a surprise Dirty Deeds after a long, grueling bout that was going Strowman’s way until The Lunatic Fringe up and dropped his foe with the double-arm DDT that once won Ambrose the WWE Championship. But it wasn’t enough: Strowman kicked out of the pinfall, rolled out of the ring and (despite a frantic follow-up from Ambrose) quickly turned the proceedings from a match into a statement beating — one so severe Roman Reigns appeared to run interference, clocking Stroman with a Superman Punch that led to a disqualification win for The Monster Among Men. It also set up the evening’s next match: After Seth Rollins joined the fight and Dolph Ziggler & Drew McIntyre arrived to even the odds, Baron Corbin re-emerged to restore order by immediately sanctioning Reigns vs. Ziggler, as well as Rollins vs. McIntyre for later in the evening.

As for Ambrose, he wasn’t crazy about the whole thing. In fact, when Rollins went to check on his brother in the trainer’s room, The Lunatic Fringe pointedly reminded The Kingslayer that he could have left Raw as Intercontinental Champion if he made a different choice.

Drew McIntyre def. Seth Rollins
Braun Strowman made it clear before Drew McIntyre battled Seth Rollins that he would not accept a weak link in his squad as WWE Super Show-Down approaches. His pointed stare at Dolph Ziggler did not go unnoticed, nor did McIntyre’s failure to defend his fellow Raw Tag Team Champion — which is probably why The Showoff made his presence known in the waning moments of McIntyre vs. Rollins, dashing into the ring to administer a pre-Stomp distraction that freed up McIntyre to blast Seth with the Claymore for the win.

All hell broke loose quickly after the match, however, as Roman Reigns, Strowman and finally Dean Ambrose — axe handle in hand — threw hands in a chaotic six-way brawl. Ziggler was a key figure in the fray as well, administering the Zig Zag to Reigns and assisting with the Claymore-Zig Zag combo on Ambrose. Strowman got the last word with a Running Powerslam to Reigns, and the “pack” ended their evening with a Shield-style fist bump of their own. If there is a weak link to be found, it’s hard to see.

Video Clips:

Full Video Links:
*Coming Soon*

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