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SmackDown July 19 251

Seth on The SmackDown Preview (WWE YouTube)
Seth Rollins Interview on SmackDown (WWE YouTube)
Seth is Drafted First (WWE YouTube)
Seth vs. Dean Title Rematch – Clip (WWE YouTube)
SmackDown Full Video – Link Soon

Seth Gets Drafted/Ambrose def. Seth Rollins (Ambrose Retains)
On this special draft addition of Raw, things kicked off with Stephanie McMahon using her first pick to select none other than Seth Rollins. It was expected all along that Seth would go first and Dean Ambrose would get drafted second by SmackDown, which was exactly what happened.
In his backstage interview following, Seth said “was there ever any doubt” and seemed as confident as ever in his position at the top of the roster and that he would once again be the champion.

Unfortunately, things did not go his way later on in the show as he would lose to Dean Ambrose in their title rematch. This is not much of a surprise as WWE likely wants to save the real contest for Battleground or use this opportunity to introduce a second title belt. We will soon see if that is indeed the case and whether Seth will become a three time WWE Champion!

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Featured Image July 18

Seth Rollins Reflects On The End of The Shield (Clip)
Seth Rollins vs. Dean Ambrose (Clip)
Raw Continues on the WWE Network (Clip)
Raw Full Video – Link Soon

Seth Rollins vs. Dean Ambrose Ends in a Draw (Ambrose Retains)
The good news first, if you’re a Dean Ambrose fan: The Lunatic Fringe is still WWE Champion. The good news second, if you’re a Seth Rollins fan: The Architect fought like hell to wrestle the supreme championship from his former Shield ally, taking Ambrose to both the physical limit and the time limit in a match that spilled into a WWE Network overrun after a disputed pinfall left the match with an unclear victor.

Things ended far more decisively in the extra innings, so to speak, when the referee went to the tape and ruled the match a double-pin draw. Ambrose ultimately got the better of Rollins when The Architect attempted to ambush him with the title, meaning he’ll walk into Battleground as champion. And lastly, the good news if you’re a Roman Reigns fan: He’s back on Sunday. Which could be very, very bad news for the other two, and you can believe … well, you know the rest.

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Seth Rollins is gracing the cover of a magazine once again! This time he is on the cover of the latest edition of PWI Magazine. To own this awesome magazine for yourself you can either find it on a newsstand near you OR order it or download the digital edition from

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Featured Image July 11

Seth Rollins Raw Preview
The Rollins Report (Clip)
Full Segment Video – Coming Soon

Seth Rollins Debuts “The Rollins Report”
Before Raw even began, a mischievous Rollins let everyone know he would have news on Roman Reigns that would change the WWE as we all know it. And later it was announced tonight would be the first episode of “The Rollins Report”. And when the time arrived Seth was quick to tell all other TV hosts to move over as he is the newest, hottest investigative reporter. He then ordered a clip to be played that looked as though an immature teenager put it together in which Roman Reigns claims to not deserve the opportunity in the title match at Battleground.

Seth continues to rant when the camera comes back to him until he is interrupted by Dean Ambrose and the real fireworks start. With a ton of history between them Seth fires first at Ambrose saying he believes Ambrose’s title reign is a joke, that he was better than him in the Shield as well as before the Shield and will once again prove he is the best. Ambrose tells Seth that they’ve known each other a very long time and Seth should know god himself or Vince McMahon would have to pry the title out of his cold dead hands. Dean also yells at Seth that he can have a one on one title match vs. Ambrose any day. At first Rollins says that Detroit sounds perfect to him but decides on next week and angrily storms out of the ring.

After commercial break it is announced that Seth will face Dean Ambrose next week live on Raw for the WWE Championship.

MITB Content

Last Week on Raw

Other Added Photos

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Featured Image Raw 4

Rollins vs. Ziggler (Clip)
Seth Rollins Rant (Clip)
Full Match & Segment Video Part 1
Full Match & Segment Video Part 2
Full Match & Segment Video Part 3

Seth Rollins def. Dolph Ziggler
So Seth Rollins is not letting this whole Roman Reigns controversy go quietly. Nor, for that matter, is he about to let Dean Ambrose overshadow him in the lead-up to the winner-take-all Triple Threat Match at WWE Battleground: Moments after Ambrose dispatched The Miz in a Champion vs. Champion Match, Rollins scored a victory of his own over Dolph Ziggler with The Lunatic Fringe on commentary. He had to shake off a mighty impressive performance by The Showoff to do it, but do it he did, kicking out of a superkick and shaking off a Zig Zag to land the Pedigree.

Rollins saved his most savage attack, however, for the still-absent Reigns, disparaging The Big Dog in merciless fashion for his recent suspension. His insults toward Ambrose were met with a little more resistance from their target, however; The Lunatic Fringe tossed his title in Rollins’ face and delivered Dirty Deeds atop the Spanish commentary table. Qué pena.

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Featured Image June 27

Rollins Addresses Reigns’s Suspension (Clip)
Rollins vs. Cena (Clip)
Rollins on Commentary (Clip)
Full Match & Segment Video – Coming Soon

Seth Rollins Campaigns for a One on One Title Match
You know what they say: When the sports-entertainment gods close a door (or cash in a contract), they open a window. In this case, they handed a 30-day suspension to Roman Reigns, giving Seth Rollins the opportunity to capitalize on the controversy and try to get The Big Dog booted from the long-brewing Shield Triple Threat at WWE Battleground, thereby giving him a cleaner shot at Dean Ambrose’s WWE Championship.
Ambrose, of course, wasn’t about to let Rollins get his way, and things quickly got even more complicated when AJ Styles and John Cena threw their names in the proverbial hunt for the title. It fell to Stephanie McMahon to make the executive decision (and point out that Shane was again absent this week), and not only did she preserve Reigns’ spot in the match, she handed Cena and Styles “win-and-you’re-in” matches against Rollins and Ambrose, respectively, for later in the night. So much for an open window.

Rollins def. Cena
The Champ is … not here. Not yet, anyway, since John Cena failed – on the 14th anniversary of his WWE debut – to make it past Seth Rollins in a match that would have given the 15-time World Champion a crack at Title No. 16 at WWE Battleground. In all honesty, though, Rollins should probably send The Club a fruit basket or something; after all, the good brothers intervened at the exact moment Cena had positioned himself to win the contest, locking in a potentially match-ending STF after a neck-and-neck battle that took up the better part of 15 minutes.
Cena released the hold when The Club circled the ring, but it turns out AJ Styles and Co. were just there to provide a distraction. Rollins was more than happy to capitalize, booting the preoccupied Cena in the gut and quickly pouncing with the Pedigree for the victory. Hey, a win is a win. And a Triple Threat Match at WWE Battleground is – for the moment, anyway – still a Triple Threat Match.

Seth Rollins on Commentary
Sure, the sports-entertainment gods may have closed a door and opened a window, but it seems that Seth Rollins has decided he’ll take the door after all. With John Cena barred from the WWE Battleground main event, Rollins had no choice but to throw his support behind Dean Ambrose’s efforts to keep AJ Styles from joining July 24’s marquee match.
Luckily, Rollins got his wish, and oddly enough, he has John Cena to thank: When the rest of The Club showed up to thwart a surging Ambrose, Cena sprinted down the ramp to fight them off, allowing the WWE Champion to plant The Phenomenal One with Dirty Deeds. While The Club swarmed and dropped Cena with a retaliatory Magic Killer on the entrance ramp, Rollins jumped Ambrose from behind with a pair of Pedigrees. WWE Battleground is set. Consider the opening salvo fired.

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Featured Image SD 23

Ambrose Asylum Segment (Full)
SD Match Link (Full)

Seth Rollins def. Sami Zayn- Short Recap
WWE Champion Dean Ambrose joined the SmackDown announce team as he watched one of his two WWE Battleground challengers, Seth Rollins, battle Sami Zayn in an explosive main event showdown. The Underdog from the Underground’s daredevil style pushed an embattled Rollins to the limit, but The Architect ultimately prevailed after pouncing on his opponent with an emphatic Pedigree for the victory.
After the contest, a heated Rollins got into The Lunatic Fringe’s face before unleashing sneak attack with a series of strikes. The unstable Ambrose responded with a frenzied assault before nearly hitting Dirty Deeds on Rollins, who frantically escaped.

Featured Image Raw June 20

Roman Reigns vs. Seth Rollins Ends in Double Count Out – Both Become #1 Contender
As any lunatic worth his salt is wont to do, Dean Ambrose kind of screwed everything up for Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins at Money in the Bank. So “The Man” and “The Guy” met again on Raw in a rematch, with the winner set to challenge The Lunatic Fringe for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at WWE Battleground.

The two picked up right where they left off, though Reigns secured an early advantage by virtue of a tremendous boot to the face and some earth-shaking rights to the face. Rollins found his own groove by going to the air, but Reigns hung tough until the battle spilled to the outside and a Spear to Rollins over the Spanish commentary table left them both unable to answer the referee’s 10-count. So Roman Reigns didn’t beat Seth Rollins. Seth Rollins didn’t beat Roman Reigns. What does that mean for WWE World Heavyweight Champion Dean Ambrose? Hell, he’s hardcore: He’ll take ’em both.

Monday Night Raw – Kickoff Segment
Seth Rollins vs. Roman Reigns (Match Clip)

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Featured Image MITB

Seth Arrives at MITB

MITB Full PPV – WWE Network HD
MITB Full PPV – SD Alternate Link Coming Soon
MITB Seth’s Title Match Entrance
MITB – Match Clip
Battleground Promo Video

Seth Rollins def. Roman Reigns (But Ambrose Cashes in on Rollins to win the Title) – Full Recap
The Architect fought like a man looking to reclaim both his title and his pride, facing Reigns for the first time without The Authority or J&J Security ready to intervene on his behalf. Some early ring rust aside, Rollins quickly showed he still possessed the skills that took him to the top. But going toe-to-toe with “The Guy” proved to be a poor strategy when Reigns used his strength advantage to overpower his foe with clotheslines, headbutts and a tilt-a-whirl slam to the reeling Rollins.

The Architect remained defiant, if not competitive, slapping the increasingly confident Reigns across the face while the champion tried to worm his way into Rollins’ head. The Big Dog responded with yet more power maneuvers, forcing Rollins to the outside and battering him about announce tables of varying languages before flattening him with the sit-out Razor’s Edge Powerbomb.
At this point, with Reigns in the driver’s seat, Rollins dipped into a fourth “R”: Recover. He reversed a Superman Punch into a turnbuckle STO and was off to the races, with a blur of flailing kicks and flapping hair as he hit Reigns with an enzuigiri, dropkick to the outside, suicide dive, a tope’ over the top rope and a Sling Blade.

Even a Superman Punch that found its mark couldn’t stop Rollins, who now seemed fully in control of the match and confident in his abilities. So much so that he even successfully executed the sunset flip that put him out of action in the first place, even putting some extra English on it by transitioning right into a buckle-bomb. On his heels, Reigns resorted to physically shoving Rollins away, but The Architect pressed on, forcing Reigns off the top rope with the supersuplex, Falcon’s Arrow combination.
It was going to take an extraordinary strike from one of them to turn the tide, and Reigns was the one to throw it. It’s too bad he missed: After a Superman Punch gave him some breathing room, The Big Dog pursued Rollins outside the ring and sprinted full-tilt into a Spear, only Rollins dodged the move and Reigns plowed face-first through the ringside barricade.

The impact knocked Reigns loopy … but not so much he didn’t have the wherewithal to shove Rollins into the official to stop his momentum. That ended up backfiring, ironically, when said referee was too slow to crawl and complete a three-count after Reigns hit a Spear a few moments later, leaving Rollins alive and with, perhaps, one last gasp left in him. It’s too bad for Reigns that Rollins didn’t miss. The Big Dog attempted another Spear, only Rollins leaped up and miraculously transitioned into a midair Pedigree. A second Pedigree moments later spelled the end of Roman’s reign, and Seth Rollins was once again the WWE World Heavyweight Champion. For about two minutes.

Dean Ambrose’s music roared to life in the middle of The Architect’s celebration, but The Lunatic Fringe, rather than face Rollins head-on, took a page out of his old brother’s book and struck him from behind with the Money in the Bank briefcase he had only won hours earlier. Ambrose cashed in the contract on the spot. Despite Rollins’ frantic protests, the bell rang, and tolled, in quick succession, as Ambrose obliterated the new champion with Dirty Deeds and claimed the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

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