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Featured Image Raw June 20

Roman Reigns vs. Seth Rollins Ends in Double Count Out – Both Become #1 Contender
As any lunatic worth his salt is wont to do, Dean Ambrose kind of screwed everything up for Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins at Money in the Bank. So “The Man” and “The Guy” met again on Raw in a rematch, with the winner set to challenge The Lunatic Fringe for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at WWE Battleground.

The two picked up right where they left off, though Reigns secured an early advantage by virtue of a tremendous boot to the face and some earth-shaking rights to the face. Rollins found his own groove by going to the air, but Reigns hung tough until the battle spilled to the outside and a Spear to Rollins over the Spanish commentary table left them both unable to answer the referee’s 10-count. So Roman Reigns didn’t beat Seth Rollins. Seth Rollins didn’t beat Roman Reigns. What does that mean for WWE World Heavyweight Champion Dean Ambrose? Hell, he’s hardcore: He’ll take ’em both.

Monday Night Raw – Kickoff Segment
Seth Rollins vs. Roman Reigns (Match Clip)

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Featured Image MITB

Seth Arrives at MITB

MITB Full PPV – WWE Network HD
MITB Full PPV – SD Alternate Link Coming Soon
MITB Seth’s Title Match Entrance
MITB – Match Clip
Battleground Promo Video

Seth Rollins def. Roman Reigns (But Ambrose Cashes in on Rollins to win the Title) – Full Recap
The Architect fought like a man looking to reclaim both his title and his pride, facing Reigns for the first time without The Authority or J&J Security ready to intervene on his behalf. Some early ring rust aside, Rollins quickly showed he still possessed the skills that took him to the top. But going toe-to-toe with “The Guy” proved to be a poor strategy when Reigns used his strength advantage to overpower his foe with clotheslines, headbutts and a tilt-a-whirl slam to the reeling Rollins.

The Architect remained defiant, if not competitive, slapping the increasingly confident Reigns across the face while the champion tried to worm his way into Rollins’ head. The Big Dog responded with yet more power maneuvers, forcing Rollins to the outside and battering him about announce tables of varying languages before flattening him with the sit-out Razor’s Edge Powerbomb.
At this point, with Reigns in the driver’s seat, Rollins dipped into a fourth “R”: Recover. He reversed a Superman Punch into a turnbuckle STO and was off to the races, with a blur of flailing kicks and flapping hair as he hit Reigns with an enzuigiri, dropkick to the outside, suicide dive, a tope’ over the top rope and a Sling Blade.

Even a Superman Punch that found its mark couldn’t stop Rollins, who now seemed fully in control of the match and confident in his abilities. So much so that he even successfully executed the sunset flip that put him out of action in the first place, even putting some extra English on it by transitioning right into a buckle-bomb. On his heels, Reigns resorted to physically shoving Rollins away, but The Architect pressed on, forcing Reigns off the top rope with the supersuplex, Falcon’s Arrow combination.
It was going to take an extraordinary strike from one of them to turn the tide, and Reigns was the one to throw it. It’s too bad he missed: After a Superman Punch gave him some breathing room, The Big Dog pursued Rollins outside the ring and sprinted full-tilt into a Spear, only Rollins dodged the move and Reigns plowed face-first through the ringside barricade.

The impact knocked Reigns loopy … but not so much he didn’t have the wherewithal to shove Rollins into the official to stop his momentum. That ended up backfiring, ironically, when said referee was too slow to crawl and complete a three-count after Reigns hit a Spear a few moments later, leaving Rollins alive and with, perhaps, one last gasp left in him. It’s too bad for Reigns that Rollins didn’t miss. The Big Dog attempted another Spear, only Rollins leaped up and miraculously transitioned into a midair Pedigree. A second Pedigree moments later spelled the end of Roman’s reign, and Seth Rollins was once again the WWE World Heavyweight Champion. For about two minutes.

Dean Ambrose’s music roared to life in the middle of The Architect’s celebration, but The Lunatic Fringe, rather than face Rollins head-on, took a page out of his old brother’s book and struck him from behind with the Money in the Bank briefcase he had only won hours earlier. Ambrose cashed in the contract on the spot. Despite Rollins’ frantic protests, the bell rang, and tolled, in quick succession, as Ambrose obliterated the new champion with Dirty Deeds and claimed the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

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Featured Image Birthday Cake

Seth decided to Surprise Xavier Woods with a delicious cake to celebrate the 1 Year Birthday of his YouTube Channel Up Up Down Down! But, as we all know in WWE, the cake always ends up on someone. And in this case it ends up right in Xavier’s face thanks to Rollins! But Seth doesn’t get away too easy either! So check out this hilarious little video and some equally funny screen captures of the moment!

Ash   June 16th, 2016   Gallery Additions, Screen Captures, Video

Featured Image 13

Raw Ambrose Asylum Segment – Full Recap
Throughout the evening videos played reminding fans of the legacy that is the “The Shield” and their memorable moments together before the trio met again tonight in the Ambrose Asylum. Ambrose started out with trying to lighten the tension brewing between Reigns and Rollins as the two stared each other down. He playfully nudges Seth to try and get him to reminisce on the crazy adventures they had together. Seth did reminisce a little even telling a story where Ambrose was found behind a dumpster after a night of partying but the mood turned very serious when Seth also reminded everyone of his “betrayal” of his brotherhood. Seth says his favorite Shield moment was when he put a chair in each of their backs and the moment he took away Roman’s moment at WrestleMania.

Reigns tried to call out Seth on his actions, saying Seth betrayed them to be famous and to walk around and say he is the man. “But if you are the man, why do I have this?” Seth angrily confronted Reigns on his comment saying that Reigns only had the title because his knee gave out from carrying the company on his back for the better part of last year. He admitted Reigns earned the title (by beating Ambrose) but he is going to prove he is the best once and for all at MITB. Seth also reminded us he accomplished everything on his own and that Reigns never beat him for the belt.

Ambrose enjoying the confrontation brought up a whole other threat, the one hanging above the ring. He tells his former brothers that he could win the MITB briefcase and whether it is Seth who won or Roman who wins he could take their moment away as well. The Asylum concludes and as predicted a war breaks out in the ring. Seth shoves Ambrose into Reigns angrily and attempts to take out Ambrose. Ambrose tries to take out Rollins but misses. Reigns hits Seth with the superman punch but then gets taken out himself by Dirty Deeds. Ambrose is the only man left standing and glancing upwards towards the MITB briefcase.

The Shield Meets Again – Ambrose Asylum

Roman Reigns & Seth Rollins – History Promo Video (Seth Rollins)

This was a quiet night for Seth on the televised portion of Monday Night Raw as he only appeared in the promotional video for his upcoming match vs. Roman at Money In The Bank. The video package highlighted the history between Seth and Roman from the Shield onward to their respective WrestleMania moments. It was an exceptional video package and we’ve included the important captures that are not repeats from elsewhere in our gallery in the link above.

Dark Match Result
Seth Rollins and partner Sheamus were defeated by Roman Reigns & John Cena in a tag match after Raw went off air.

Ash   June 7th, 2016   Monday Night Raw, Results and Photos

Friday June 3rd Seth was at the Wizard World Comic Con Event in Philly signing autographs for fans & doing a Q&A session where fans could ask him questions from the crowd. We’ve posted some candids from the event that were donated to us, as well as some cool videos we came across!

Wizard World Q&A Session Full Video

Cr: WhiteRaven on YouTube

Wizard World Q&A Additional Videos
Wizard World Panel Video #1 – Seth Talks About Promos
Wizard World Panel Video #2 – Seth talks about The Women’s Division/Retirement/Inspiring People

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This weeks guest on the Friday episode of Talk is Jericho is once again Seth Rollins! Seth was on a previous episode of Talk is Jericho (Ep. 94) and now he’s back again for Ep. 253. For the first time he speaks out about the demise of his old finishing move, using the pedigree, more about what he did on his time off from injury and lots more!

Give it a listen right here! Or download the episode on iTunes!

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Featured Image 24

As we all I’m sure know WWE has aired Seth WWE 24 Special and it was even more brilliant than I even expected. It was every bit as emotional as we seen in the previews, showing each inch of Seth’s recovery as he moves towards his return night at Extreme Rules. What we did not see in the previews beforehand was the pieces of the interview that show Seth in his own home, appearances from family members & tons of home video. This special went deeper into his personal life than we’ve ever seen before and it is definitely worth the watch!

This was our first time seeing Seth’s family on screen with his mother., Step-father, father, grandfather & his brother all making appearances to describe Seth growing up loving wrestling and the quality of his character in his personal life. We see how Seth spent time relaxing with his dog Kevin as well as teaching at the Black and Brave Wrestling Academy. This great special truly covered everything and we have tons of photos to go with as long as some links to the video.

WWE 24 – Media Links
HD Video – WWE Network
SD Video Link #1

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Featured Image Raw 30

Seth Rollins Plays Mind Games with Reigns
Seth’s Promo for his WWE 24 Special

Raw – 5/30/16
So Roman Reigns has Seth Rollins at Money in the Bank, which is great for Seth Rollins, since he never lost the WWE World Heavyweight Title and is willing to do anything and everything to get it back. Reigns wasn’t exactly thrilled at having to wait to get his hands on The Architect, however, so “The Guy” came into the Raw ring and dared “The Man” to mix it up a few weeks early. Despite some pretty hardcore goading that nearly caused Rollins to rush the ring and fight, Rollins held firm and refused to give Reigns what he wanted. After all, what’s an Architect without a plan?

Ash   May 31st, 2016   Monday Night Raw, Results and Photos

Featured Image Rollins Reel

Surprise Surprise! This gallery has been a long time coming & it’s finally here! We wanted for a long time to do something unique with our Media Gallery & have a better place for our fan art (Since we get sent a lot of great stuff on Twitter that had no place to go) and so the two ideas came together to form this unique fun gallery!

Supporting a wrestler throughout their career is truly a team effort, and without a great team of fans, their success and any website’s success would not exist – that’s why we’ve named this gallery The Team Rollins Reel. From our small Team Rollins of three that work on the site or its social networks every day, to all of the amazing supporters out there, we are all Team Rollins! Thank you for supporting the site, from the bottom of our hearts! In its nearly three years it has grown more than the webmiss could have imagined!

Featured Image Raw 23


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