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Shortly after Raw this week it was announced by WWE that their would be a WWE 24 Special on Seth, following him from his injury to his epic in ring return! They have now posted a couple preview videos, one of which is sort of a teaser trailer for the special on YouTube and social media! We also did some screen captures! Links all below for those who want to watch or check out the pictures!

WWE 24 Preview Video #1

WWE 24 Preview Video #2 – Seth Talks about the Injury Night

Ash   May 27th, 2016   Rollins News

Featured Image SD 26

Seth Returns to SmackDown
Seth Returns to SmackDown Promo Video

SmackDown – May 26th (In Ring Segment)
Well, Seth made a very short and not so sweet return to SmackDown where he simply decided to ask the crowd if they missed him. A predictable array of cheers came from part of the crowd as he then said, “Well I didn’t miss you” and waltzed out of the ring contently. The announcers on commentary say “that’s it?!” And Seth laughs to himself all the way to the back concluding perhaps his shortest TV appearance in some time.

Ash   May 27th, 2016   Results and Photos, SmackDown

It was announced earlier today that Seth would be doing a Q and A on the Black and Brave Wrestling Academy Twitter account. Seth answered a few questions on the account, and here is the full recap! There was tons of questions sent in so he definitely had so many to try and choose from! If you haven’t already make sure you follow the wrestling school @BlackandBrave for updates on their classes, photos and more!

Q: Do you think you are able to provide a wholly unique experience for your students by being on the main roster?
Rollins: Yes. No school in the world offers what we can.

Q: What’s your least favorite workout to do?
Rollins: Fran

Q: What’s your favorite song by PVRIS?
Rollins: You and I. @ThisIsPVRIS

Q: If you could be any mythical creature what would you be?
Rollins: Cerberus

Q: a person you’ve never met but would love to?
Rollins: @BillNye

Q: How involved are you at the wrestling school with the new students?
Rollins: As involved as it gets. I’m here from start to finish. At the facility 90% of the time.

Ash   May 26th, 2016   Rollins News

Featured Image Raw 23

Seth’s Return Speech
Seth’s Backstage Interview

Raw – May 23rd (Opening Segment)
Seth enters the ring to a huge roar of applause as predicted and he stands in the ring soaking in the chants of “Welcome Back!” He asks the crowd if they missed him (we all know the answer to that) and they roar loudly again. He tells the crowd that after 7 long months they have to let him talk because he has been waiting for this moment as well. After the video package plays of Rollins’s surprise attack on Roman Reigns, the crowd erupts into another chant, this time “thank you Rollins”. Seth comments that it is very strange for the crowd to be cheering for him because they weren’t when he attacked Roman Reigns with a steel chair (effectively ending the Shield), when he won the belt they were calling him the weakest champion and for months people begged for people to beat him (even though no one ever could).

Seth recalls how sadly his knee gave out months ago and makes one of the most honest quotes in recent Raw history saying, “My knee buckled under the weight of carrying this company for SO FREAKING LONG!” Continuing his story, Seth recalls receiving flowers and messages of get well Rollins in his hospital bed and tells the crowd that he took all those messages, threw them in a bin and burned them. He makes it clear he doesn’t need to the support of the WWE Universe and never did. “Because there is only room on the Seth Rollins bandwagon for one man, and that man is me.”

Roman Reigns eventually interrupts Seth’s match and just when it looks like a fight might break out at ringside, Seth walks away saying he will only do that on his time because it’s his show. Shane O’Mac enters next and makes the big announcement that Rollins will indeed receive a title match and that he’s sure Roman will understand that. Seth is extremely happy with the decision and we will see the two face off at Money In The Bank!

Backstage Interview with Renee
Seth tells Renee that this time at Money In The Bank he gets to win the WWE Championship not because he’s Mr. MITB but because he is Seth Rollins and he is that damn good. He then gets an extremely excited expression upon seeing Stephanie McMahon beyond the camera field. He goes for a big hug on his old authority buddy but she rejects him. A confused Seth gets told that things are different around here now and so is their business relationship. Stephanie shakes his hand to welcome him back and Rollins with a slightly disgusted face simply says ok and stares after her. This would be the last of Seth Rollins we see on this edition of Raw but we will see him next on ESPN’s Sportscenter for his interview with The Coach.

Ash   May 24th, 2016   Monday Night Raw, Results and Photos

Featured Image ER

Fan Video – Seth’s Return
Fan Video – Seth Bows to the Crowd

Seth Makes His Long-Awaited Return & Takes out Roman Reigns
Just when Roman Reigns thought everything was over and he could rise to his feat after a lengthy battle with AJ Styles, Seth Rollins made his comeback and as he always does – he made an impact. Rollins took out the still Champion with forceful pedigree and stared the camera down with a glare on his face that made his feelings perfectly clear. He then gazed down at Reigns and picked up the title he never lost to hold it up high for the camera as the PPV went off air.

He didn’t have too say a single word and we all know his feelings. It will be awesome to see what is to come from the newly return Seth Rollins. Welcome Back Seth!

Seth was in attendance at the 2016 USA Weightlifting National Championships & US Olympic Team Trials Event in Salt Lake City, Utah over the past week!
He was speaking at the two day event and some great photos have been added to our gallery from that.
Thank you to Lifting Life for the HQ photos of the event!

Special Note: A lot of the HQ photography & press photos on our site like the following photos are ones the web staff had to pay for the right to use; as such please DO NOT remove tags from these photographs on the gallery. We work really hard to maintain a great gallery for people to look at (and the photographers work hard on their photos) and do not appreciate it when people steal photography! Press Photos and HQ Photography on our site are not for personal use and should only be shared with credit given and that’s why these photographs are tagged in the middle unlike other pictures on our site. All we would love is for people to credit the site when using or sharing any of the photos on it.

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Featured Image TapouT

WWE has partnered with TapouT to have numerous WWE Superstars advertise TapouT workout gear in commercials and photo shoots! We’ve posted some captures from the TapouT commercial that has been airing on TV as well as captures from the new Behind The Scenes Video! You can also watch both videos right here:

Original Commercial

New Behind The Scenes Video

Ash   April 16th, 2016   Gallery Additions, HQ Photos, Screen Captures

Featured Image Video of Week

Press Release – Courtesy of

Principal Photography to start April 6th

Los Angeles, CA (April 5, 2016) – Erebus Pictures, the genre specialty label formed by Multi Media Magnate and KISS co-founder Gene Simmons and WWE Studios, announced today that Wesley Snipes (The Expendables 3), Anne Heche (Wild Card), Dave Annable (Brothers and Sisters) and WWE Superstar Seth Rollins are on board to star in the John Stockwell directed thriller TEMPLE. Filming will commence on Wednesday, April 6th. Snipes will also serve as a producer on TEMPLE along with Simmons and WWE Studios President Michael Luisi.

TEMPLE, written by Matt Savelloni (Exile to Babylon), and directed by John Stockwell (In The Blood), follows a team of trained operatives consisting of Snipes, Heche, Annable and Rollins, who find themselves trapped inside an isolated military compound after its artificial intelligence is suddenly shut down—and then begin to experience strange and horrific phenomena.

Ash   April 5th, 2016   Rollins News

Featured Image Seth Signing

Seth Attends Make A Wish Event During WM 32 Week
On Friday Seth Rollins attend a special Make A Wish signing along with Roman Reigns and Charlotte. The event was put on by WWE & The Dallas Cowboys as part of WWE’s Community program. We’ve added the full gallery of digital photos for the event plus some additional candid photos.

Ash   April 3rd, 2016   Candid Photos, Digital Photos, Gallery Additions

Featured Image WWE 24

Seth Appears on WWE 24 Special for Daniel Bryan
This week after Raw the WWE Network aired a WWE 24 Special dedicated to Daniel Bryan. The show featured many of his fellow superstars talking about Daniel, including Seth. As we all know Seth has a history with Bryan going back to before both of their WWE days.

During the special, Seth comments that when he found out Bryan had to retire he was heartbroken that his friend would have to quit something he loved so much. Seth also stated he had many heroes in wrestling growing up and Bryan was one of them. Near the end of the special Seth noted that he was not there the night of Bryan’s retirement speech but, wishes he had been so he could have given Bryan a hug. During Bryan’s speech Seth held it together fairly well he says until Brie came out to greet Bryan. Knowing the love the two shared, the moment brought a tear to even Rollins’s eye.
As the special clothes Seth was shown saying “Thank You Daniel, for being my friend.”

Watch WWE 24 (WWE Network)

Ash   March 30th, 2016   Gallery Additions, Screen Captures, Video

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