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Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins vs. Cody Rhodes and Goldust

The Shield stands face to face with the Rhodes family including Dusty who holds his belt buckle out, making clear he has full right to use it on anybody. Rollins starts of the match against Cody Rhodes and attempts to choke him out with Ambrose yelling from ringside “make him feel it, make his mother feel it!” Cody manages to get in some offense by stomping on Seth’s chest with an energetic anger. The referee warns Cody to calm down as he almost get’s carried away despite the five count.Roman Reigns is tagged in next and knocks Cody down with his signature “Rawwwwrr”. Reigns marches Cody into the corner and holds him for Seth to deliver a punch from the top rope. Seth then follows it up with an arm bar as Ambrose keeps and eye on the “Dream” from the outside of the ring. Rollins prevents Cody from getting a tag and he hangs Cody up in the corner of the ring and delivers stomps to the chest. The crowd chants “We want Goldust!” as Seth takes a shot to the face.Cody goes up top for his moonsault and catches Rollins square in the head. Goldust and Reigns get tagged in as Goldust delivers his vintage atomic drop.
Goldust delivers punches in the corner on Reigns but get’s planted on the floor. Ambrose takes the opportunity to talk some trash. Seth awaits his return to the ring and Goldust barely makes it back in at the 9 count. Seth delivers shoulders to the midsection and tags in Reigns. Reigns uses all his power to hold Goldust down. Rollins goes back in against Goldust but misses the dropkick. Reigns gets back in and get’s a boot to the face and makes a quick tag back to Rollins. Rollins takes a slam from Goldust who then takes in Cody.
Cody delivers a massive dropkick to Seth, then follows it up with a hard kick to the middle and a spin around to his back. It doesn’t do it though as resilient Rollins kicks out. Seth tries to get up but gets planted hard again onto his back. Reigns goes in to interrupt the count and takes out Goldust from the equation. Cody eliminates Reigns and Ambrose and Seth catches him by suprise from behind. Cody catches Seth in Cross-Rhodes and manages to get the three and save his families jobs.

Published by Ash on October 8th, 2013
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The Shield and Randy Orton vs. The Big Show

Big Show and Ambrose start off the match and Ambrose immediately takes a series of slaps to his chest. He soon decides to tag in Rollins who tries to use his speed to catch Show off his guard by the angry big man swats him down and decides to step on him. Rollins coughing and gagging is tossed into his own corner by a disgusted looking giant. Rollins reaches for a tag and tags in Reigns. Reigns hits the ropes and tries to knock down show but his choice of offense fails as well. He gets tossed into the corner as well and tags in Orton. After Orton manages to gain a small amount of momentum, tags are exchanged quickly between all team members. Rollins manages to take show off his feet with a flying high knee and a series of follow up knees, and then a kick to the face. Randy’s DDT seems to wear down the Big Show and Reigns tries to end the match up with a sleeper hold. Show manages to still get up and plant Roman Reigns flat on his back. Things degrade into a mauling as all men jump on show and all get shoved off. Rollins tries to catch show by surprise but is grabbed for a choke slam along with Randy Orton. Just before show can deliver the choke slam he interrupted by Roman Reigns. The attack on Show continues as Randy tries to place show’s head in a chair. The Usos jump in to save Show and Daniel Bryan attacks Randy Orton and continues with yes chants until the show goes off air.

Published by Ash on October 6th, 2013
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The Rhodes family saga vs. The McMahon’s continues off the top of Raw tonight and the Shield would ensure the Rhodes family was paid back in full for their previous attack. Before the Shield would suddenly emerge near the end of the segment and attack HHH announced the Rhodes duo would face off against Rollins and Reigns at Battleground. If the Rhodes two were to win they would be given jobs once again, but if they lose their father Dusty Rhodes will also join them on the unemployment line. When the hounds of justice had made sure Goludst and Cody could no longer get up, Rollins notices The Dream moving near the bottom rope and yells at him to stay down before stomping on him again.

The Shield Defeats Dolph Ziggler & The Usos

The shield would take control in this match despite Ziggler’s fearless attack. They managed to isolate Jimmy Uso away from the safety of his tag team partners. Jimmy managed to deliver a back body drop to Seth Rollins to swing the match in his team’s favor. He tagged in Ziggler from the apron who would hit Dean Ambrose with Famouser. But Ambrose’s partners would save him from the pinfall. Rollin’s pays for it by getting caught with the zig-zag. But the legal man Roman Reigns would hit his signature devastating spear for another victory.

Published by Ash on October 2nd, 2013
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Dean Ambrose vs. Dolph Ziggler
The originally planned match Dean Ambrose vs. Dolph Ziggler doesn’t last long as Ambrose’s fellow Shield members inevitably interfere. Rollins grabs Ziggler by the foot and yanks him off the apron. His actions cause a brawl to ensue and Seth ends up beating on RVD back in the ring before the fight is interrupted by the COO. Triple H decides he will not have this anarchy and if everyone wants to fight, the match will start again as a six man tag.

Six Man Tag: The Shield vs. Kofi and RVD
Ambrose and Rollins take their turns in the ring at the start of the match each trying to gain momentum. Ziggler manages to escape from Roman Reigns only to be intercepted by Seth Rollins who grabs onto Ziggler and pushes him away from his corner. Trapped in a headlock Ziggler uses the fans to gain the strength to get back up and make the tag. RVD enters and his arm immediately becomes Rollin’s target as he jerks on his arm hard. Rollins runs into the knees of Ziggler soon after and both men have to scramble to make a tag. Ambrose ducks Kofi Kingston’s trouble in paradise but falls victim to a boom drop. Bodies soon go everywhere as Rollins breaks up the pin and takes a zig-zag for his trouble. He rolls out of the ring just as Reigns almost breaks Ziggler in half with a spear. RVD attacks Reigns and knocks him out of the ring. He follows it up with his signature moon-sault. Only Ambrose and Kofi are left standing for a few brief moments until the big man Reigns enters the ring again. He takes trouble in paradise and then Kofi tries to roll up Ambrose. Rollins takes the opportunity to knee Kofi hard in the side of the head and quickly duck before the ref sees what happened. Ambrose the legal man picks up the pieces and gets the three for the Shield. Rollins and Ambrose briefly pat each other on the back outside the ring before Rollins looks back at the ring and decides they should scramble.

Published by Ash on September 29th, 2013
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At the start of Raw, the Shield is on security detail for the McMahon power twosome once again. We see the 11 superstars who assisted Daniel Bryan standing on top of the entrance ramp. Stephanie thanks the superstars for actually standing up and being men. When RVD interjects and says they were actually really helping Daniel Bryan, Triple H informs all the men they will be in a match and their partner will be Daniel Bryan. He says he hopes their partner actually cares to help them as much as they helped him. And since Triple H believed the anarchy was caused by the men being angry at The Shield rather than them caring for Daniel Bryan, he places them on an 11 on 3 handicap match.

11 Superstars vs. The Shield

Before the match even gets underway the Shield is surprised by a sudden attack by Cody Rhodes and his brother Goldust. Following the attack Raw goes to commercial and the real match get’s underway.

The Shield strikes first in this match with Dean Ambrose eliminating both Kofi Kingston and RVD who were banged up from early matches in the evening. Roman Reigns followed up the trend by eliminating three of the opposing team: Titus O’Neil, Justin Gabriel and Zack Ryder. His spear nearly breaks Zack Ryder in half and none of the men got much offense in against the big man.
However when Reigns faced Bryan things would change fast for the Shield. Daniel Bryan knocks Rollins and Ambrose off the apron onto the floor before nailing Reigns with a high knee. Soon after he falls victim to a Samoan splash, handing him his first loss in over a year. Seth then knocks off Darren Young with a flying knee. He faces off against Dolph Ziggler, bouncing his head off the turnbuckle before tagging in his partner. Ambrose would fall victim to the Zig-zag. Seth would be left as the only man left standing and would eliminate R-Truth.
Following R-Truth exit Daniel Bryan encouraged the remaining members of his team to surround the ring on the apron before jumping Seth. They would break the attack when Ambrose and Reigns arrived to save their partner. Dolph and the Uso’s cleared Ambrose and Reigns from the ring once again as Daniel and Seth were left in the ring. Seth briefly mounted a come from behind attack on Bryan but fell victim to a flying headbutt. The Shield was handed a loss in this one and one can only wonder what the McMahon’s are thinking now.

Published by Ash on September 24th, 2013
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Shield vs. Superstars that helped Daniel Bryan (11 Man Gauntlet Match)

Darren Young is the first to face the Shield three and quickly gets surrounded on all sides in the corner, taking punches from everyone. His shirt is ripped off and Rollins uses the shirt as a whip on Young’s back. He is quickly finished off with the spear from Reigns. Young’s partner Titus O’Neil is next up and seems to have a better chance given his larger size. Ambrose leaps onto O’Neil’s back as Rollins grabs his feet. Reign’s hits the ropes and the big man is taken down. Titus falls victim to the triple power-bomb and is pinned by Reigns again. Vickie sits at ringside happily clapping at her handiwork.
Ziggler hits the ring as fast as he can but gets whipped off the corner landing on his head by Rollins. He subsequently gets stomped on by all three shield members. But the more resilient Ziggler kicks back at Ambrose and then Rollins. He even manages to nail Reigns. Ziggler knocks both Reigns and Ambrose out of the ring before Ambrose grabs his foot, stopping his momentum for Rollins to nail him with an impressive athletic drop kick. Ziggler than falls victim to the spear and is counted out.
Kingston the next man out also quickly gets neutralized by Rollins and Ambrose. When it appears as though Ziggler is rallying against them, Reigns enters and gets hit with trouble in paradise. Ambrose saves the match up. Alone with Abrose and Rollins Kofi gets beat down by both men. Kofi gets planted by Ambrose and pinned.
Next man up is Rob Van Dam who looks as if he is carefully trying to form a plan. Rollins and Ambrose are the only men standing still and RVD spins in a circle confusing Ambrose who accidently connects with Seth’s ribs instead. He hits an interesting version of rolling thunder on both Ambrose and Rollins. Van Dam connects hard with Seth’s jaw and knocks Reigns back out of the ring. He then connects a kick on Ambrose. Before Van Dam can get a victory Triple H interjects and orders Vickie back to his office and summons the Shield to leave the ring.

The Shield vs. The Usos and Daniel Bryan
Rollins attempts to squash Bryan at the beginning of the match but gets caught in a surfboard at the early start of the match. Next in to be tagged is Jimmy Uso who faces off with Ambrose. He and his partner unleash some third generation tag team power on Ambrose.
At the height of that match Bryan counters Rollins onslaught and plants him on his back. Rollins and Ambrose pull of a splits type move on Jey Uso which looks exceptionally painful.
All hell breaks loose in this match which sees almost every member of the match meet the floor. Daniel Bryan gets the win with his high knee once again.

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When Stephanie McMahon invited Dusty Rhodes for some “business discussion we all knew there was going to be trouble. When the Dream refused to cooperate with any of Stephanie’s demands the Shield and Big Show were summoned to the ringside area. When it seemed like the Big Show was refusing to act on Stephanie’s order to knock out Dusty, The Shield was told to “get him!” Just as the Shield three were about to jump Dusty, The Big Show made it clear he wasn’t going to let them, prompting Roman Reigns to pass out chairs as weapons. The Shield stood at the ready with the steel chairs waiting for a chance to strike, but in the end Big Show followed through with the lady bosses orders and the Shield leaves the ringside area.

Later on in the Show Seth, Dean and Randy Orton would accompany Reigns to ringside for his match against Daniel Bryan. When the Shield and Randy took the opportunity to final strike, a good portion of the locker-room would rush out to make the save. Members of the locker room beat down all three Shield members. Seth was the last in the ring and takes Daniel Bryan’s running knee lift. The locker room celebrates with Bryan as Raw goes off air.

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Rollins starts off the match against Titus O’Neil, and immediately tries to utilize his quickness to gain control of the match. Seth ends up getting muscled around by Titus O’Neil, who takes control of the match with a power-slam and tosses Rollins in the air with a spectacular looking back-body drop.

O’Neil and Darren proceeded to continue dominating most of the early part of the match beating Rollins down in the corner and O’Neil blowing a whistle loudly along with each punch.

When Reigns tagged into the match he powered through the opponents and tagged in Rollins again. The Shield twosome managed to isolate Darren Young for a while but the match had a close near fall when Seth suffered the wrath of “Clash of the Titus”. Reigns interrupts the pin-fall at this point in the match.

When the referee turned his back to check on Darren Young, Titus O’Neil receives a spear from Reigns who then quickly ducks out of the ring before anyone could be the wiser. Seth turns over and is able to get the win!

The Shield retains the Tag Team Championships yet again!

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After Triple H finished making a fool out of the Big Show and suspending him without pay, the shield would enter and began an onslaught that was action packed and hard to watch at times. All three men careful attempt to jump the big man and surround him in the ring. Big Show gains higher ground up on the announce desk as Rollins grabs him foot in attempts to take him down. Once the action finally moves back in the ring Rollins attempts to go flying from the top rope onto Big Show, but gets swatted right out of the air and square in the chest. As Rollins recovers, Roman Reigns finds a great equalizer in a steel chair and makes the Big Show pay.
The Shield stand tall and united as SmackDown goes to commercial.

This wouldn’t be the last time we see Seth in the episode as he and his tag team partner jump in on the Dean Ambrose vs. Dolph Ziggler match up. The two men assault Dolph Ziggler but get interrupted by the Usos. Vickie Guerrero declares there will be a six man tag team match as a result of the interference by the Usos.

The Shield vs. The Usos and Dolph Ziggler

The match starts off with Rollins and Ziggler and Rollins gaining control of the match going speed for speed with Ziggler, then tagging in Roman Reigns. Reigns powers through Ziggler with a series of strength moves. He boosts Ziggler up to the top rope and delivers a stiff head-butt. Ambrose is tagged again against the knocked silly Ziggler. Ambrose tags in Rollins after he makes sure the show off stays down on the mat. Rollins delivers a series of boots to Ziggler and attempts a pin before taking the opportunity to showboat and tag in Reigns. The Shield continues to wear down Ziggler who manages to save himself from Ambrose by pulling down the top rope and sending the US champion to the outside. The action only continues to build in this contest when the Usos pull off a series of powerful moves on Seth Rollins, who takes two devastating bumps and later is the victim of a kick, which could be heard echoing loud. However Rollins maintains the presence of mind to stick his knees and counter the Samoan’s splash. Rollins gathers a quick pin before anyone else in the match can react.

Winners by Pin (by Seth Rollins): The Shield

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The Shield made their presence known very early on this edition of Raw near the end of The Cutting Edge. Triple H informed returning hometown star Edge that he could hurt the ones “you love”. The Shield emerged dragging a non-responsive Christian onto the entrance ramp and leaving him there. Edge ran up the ramp and he and the Shield briefly glanced back to survey their handiwork before leaving with the COO.
Shortly after in a backstage segment the Shield would be seen in the COO’s office, ready to escort the Rated R superstar out of the building if he refused to leave.
During Dean Ambrose’s match Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins would as usual serve as the back up team. Rollins would climb up onto the apron during the early going of the match to assist Dean Ambrose in turning the tables in his favor. Later on he make a leap of faith from the ring towards Bryan on the floor. But instead Seth makes hard contact with the announce desk head first. Ambrose ultimately get’s pinned and the Shield deliver a beat-down on Bryan following the match along with Randy Orton.

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