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SS 254

Watch the Shield celebrating their win

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The Shield & The Real Americans def. The Usos, Rhodes Brothers and Rey Mysterio

Joining The Ultimate Underdog in his Survivor Series return were two pairs of battling brothers — WWE Tag Team Champions Cody Rhodes & Goldust and the high-flying Usos. Opposite them was the intimidating Shield, consisting of Reigns, tag team partner Seth Rollins & U.S. Champion Dean Ambrose and the surging Real Americans, Jack Swagger & Antonio Cesaro.
The stipulations of the match indicate that the teams compete in a five-on-five tag contest with the added twist that Superstars are eliminated individually — via pinfall, submission, disqualification or count-out — until one squad has no members remaining.
Kicking off the bout — and the 27th Annual Survivor Series event proper — Cody Rhodes and Dean Ambrose set a fast-paced tone for what would be an explosive and memorable contest. But when Ambrose got into a heated argument with the referee, the titleholder literally talked his way out of the match, as Rhodes rolled him up for the bout’s first elimination.
After order momentarily broke down, the match reset and a lightning-fast Rey Mysterio lit up Boston’s TD Garden. Mysterio hit Swagger with a 619 and spun him into an aerial assault by The Usos, who in turn eliminated The Real American from the bout and set their team up with the 5-on-3 advantage.

However, teammate Antonio Cesaro would swing the momentum back in his team’s direction, literally, trapping both Uso brothers in successive, impressive Cesaro Swings. Yet a quick tag in would allow the younger Rhodes brother to trap a slightly dizzy Cesaro, rolling him up for the three-count, and putting Roman Reigns & Seth Rollins in a bad way.
The tag team partners worked in tandem to isolate their opponents, though, and a Reigns spear to Jimmy Uso was followed by a cover, eliminating one brother from the bout.
Rollins and Cody then locked horns, and though Rhodes was able to hit the Cross Rhodes on his opponent, Rollins had already tagged in Reigns, who nailed Cody with a spear before covering him for the three-count. Jey Uso and Reigns went at it on the outside, with The Shield member being hurled into the ringside barrier.
When Rollins pinned Jey back inside the ring after yet another spear, the odds were quickly evened up, with the remaining Shield members facing off against Goldust & Rey. Despite taking a nasty spill, The Master of the 619 dug deep and found a way to roll up Rollins for the pinfall.
And so it came down to Roman Reigns, facing both Mysterio & Goldust, exactly one year after The Shield made their infamous WWE debut. Unlike how it had been for the majority of that year, however, Reigns did not have the numbers advantage, staring down at two WWE legends on his own.
A thundering spear from the black-clad brickhouse, delivered to Goldust, turned the match around on a dime and set up an epic one-on-one battle 30 minutes into the bout. Unbeknown to the WWE Universe, however, was just how close to the end it was. When Rey set up his foe for a potentially match-ending 619, Reigns bounced up from the ropes and floored Mysterio with a ring-shaking spear.
And so it was that Roman Reigns stood alone in the end, eliminating four members of the opposition with four spears, and emerging as the sole survivor in a bout brimming with top talent.


Published by Ash on November 25th, 2013
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RAW Nov 18 250

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CM Punk, Daniel Bryan & The Usos vs. The Shield & The Wyatt Family
Harper decides to tag himself in on Seth before the commercial break and action begins to heat up.When we return Seth is battling Goldust which soon switches to Cody Rhodes and Seth punishes Rhodes by running his head into the ring post,swinging the match in the favor of his team.
Ambroseis tagged in and sets up Rhodes for Roman Reigns. The Shield utilizes their teamwork making quick tags and soon Seth is back in again. He confidently mocks both the referee and Goldust before tagging Ambrose again. When Rollins retunrs in the match he seeks to block Cody’s offense. Cody blocks the suplex and drops Seth face first onto the mat. Harper eventually takes himself in on Rollins. The big man knocks out Goldust but catches a hit from Cody Rhodes. Daniel Bryan enters the match-up and hits his moves of doom on Harper and blocks anyone else form entering in the match-up. Seth tries to interfere but gets thrown onto the back of his head. Harper uses the distraction to take Bryan for a ride, power-bombing him into the mat.
Bray Wyatt is tagging in and tries to annihilate Bryan with elbows. Then the Wyatt leader seeks to show the Shield they are all on the same side, by offering his hand into a tag with Reigns. Reigns cautiously taking the tag, hits Bryan in the chest as Bray holds Bryan’s arms.
Wyatt and Shield members trade tags back and forth and laugh at the mayhem they’ve caused. Ambrose and Rowan trade tags still trying to isolate Bryan.
Punk finally get’s tagged into the match and delivers a double neck-breaker to Seth and Ambrose after taking out everyone else within striking distance. Vintage knees hit both Shield members in the corners and Seth takes a clothesline. Ambrose takes a flying elbow and is caught in the anaconda vice. Harper and Rowan interrupt the pin-fall and air Usos take out everyone on the outside. Ambrose slams Punk’s head into the mat and Goldust takes a spear from Reigns. But then Reigns takes cross-Rhodes. Seth Rollins comes in to save the match but is taken out by Bryan and Punk. Bodies fly in all directions as Punk and Ambrose remain the legal men.
Ambrose takes a go to sleep and the match is officially over.

Published by Ash on November 20th, 2013
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3 on 2 Handicap Match: The Shield vs. CM Punk and Daniel Bryan

Rollins starting off the fast paced action in this match with Daniel Bryan. He gets caught in a painful surfboard that sets him up with a kick to the gut courtesy of CM Punk. Reigns is tagged in and beats down punk, delivering massive blows from his fists and yelling at Punk to get up. Punk manages to make a tag to Bryan and both Bryan and punk try to beat down reigns with kicks to the knees but a clothesline silences them both.
At the height of the action Bryan faces off with Seth Rollins, kicking him in the chest multiple times, and flipping him around the ring.
Punk also takes it to dean Ambrose delivering a running knee followed by a clothesline and finally going up top with an elbow.
Rollins makes the save for Ambrose but Bryan almost knocks seth into the crowd on the outside of the ring. Reigns punishes Bryan for his decision by knocking him flying with a clothesline.
Back in the ring legal men Punk band Ambrose continue with their back and forth battle. Reigns interferes and gets the go to sleep for his trouble and the anaconda vice is dialed in on Ambrose.
Suddenly the Wyatt family music hits and the arena goes black. When the lights come back on Rowan and Harper are in the ring staring down a suprised Rollins and Ambrose as well as Daniel Bryan and CM Punk who are standing in the corner.
Immediately Rollins gets over his shock to stand up and get in the face of the Wyatt brothers, Ambrose follows his lead a few moments later. At first it seems like cooler heads will prevail as Seth then tries to pull Ambrose away from the confrontation but only a few seconds later the first punk is thrown igniting a full on brawl between the two Wyatt brothers and Rollins/Ambrose. On the outside Roman Reigns is seen confronting Bray Wyatt and a brawl ignites between the two of them as well. After several mins of fighting in which the crowd becomes extremely hot and starts chanting “this is awesome!” the Wyatt’s and The Shield both seem to realize their common enemy is standing in front of them. They all surround the ring with Bryan and Punk in the middle. But just after both teams attack the face teams including the Usos rush out and make the save!

Published by Ash on November 12th, 2013
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Hello all! This website wasn’t around yet when WrestleMania happened this year, so I have done some captures of the DVD and added them to the gallery!
Enjoy (Some of them are pretty funny).

Wrestlemania 29 Cap 254

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Published by Ash on November 9th, 2013
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Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose vs. The Usos and Big E Langston

After Jey & Jimmy Uso helped to neutralize The Shield on Monday night, Dean Ambrose & Seth Rollins aimed to quell the battling Samoans on SmackDown. In a key moment, however, Roman Reigns’ attempt to get involved in the action brought Big E Langston to the ring, evening the odds and allowing the action to continue unabated.
While The Usos would ultimately pick up the quick win over Dean Ambrose, the United States Champion swiftly launched a post-match attack of retribution. In response, Langston leveled Ambrose with unrelenting force.
The intrigue didn’t there, for when Reigns entered the ring to help remove Ambrose, it seemed for a moment as though he was going to engage all three members of the opposition himself! Before he could, though, his fellow Hounds of Justice called off the big dog.


Published by Ash on November 4th, 2013
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This six man tag bout that Brad Maddox ordered came as a result of the DQ finish in Dean Ambrose vs. Big E. At the height of this power and strength based match Rollins get’s planted hard on his back by Jey Uso and takes one of the Samoan duos powerful signature move. It isn’t enough to finish off Rollins though as he lifts his knees up to block Jey from delivering a high flying splash from the top rope. Jey get’s knees right into his gut. Rollins tags in Reigns as Ambrose and Big E are brawling at ringside. When it looks like Jey is in trouble Jimmy Uso saves his partner. Both me deliver kicks to the Shield tag team members. However ultimately both Usos are hit with a massive double spear by Roman Reigns. The Shield get the three!

Published by Ash on October 29th, 2013
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HIAC 254

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Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins vs. Goldust and Cody Rhodes vs. The Usos

The Shield is seen on a pre-show promo where Rollins states it isn’t fair they don’t get their one on one rematch for their titles. This action packed match picks up at the midway point with Rollins taking out both Usos before Cody interrupts a near win for the Shield. Reigns is tagged in and makes it clear Cody is responsible for interrupting their loss. He then yells at Godlust to “get your ass up!” The crowd has fallen into a slight buzz as Reigns yells out “What did you expect?!” Rollins mocks Goldust saying, “Poor Goldie, aww poor Goldie” before the action in the match resumes. Cody is tagged in with Seth and tries to roll him up. He then attempts to pin Rollins after his signature moonsault. But Rollins kicks out and as Cody attempts to make the next move Jimmy Uso tags himself in. Jimmy lands a lateral press on Rollins and then backs it up on Rollins. Reigns with the save on the pin and soon Jey Uso and Goldust are both in the ring as well. Jey clothes both Reigns and Goldust over the top of the ropes and then makes a huge splash on top of both men. Rollins gets hit with a Somoan drop and he struggles and kicks out at the last minute. Rollins crotches Jey on the ropes when the Uso brother attempts to put him away. Cody Rhodes gets in on the next tag but Rollins drives him into the corner.
Rollins and Cody Rhodes are perched on top of the ring post and Cody superplexes Rollins and they both go crashing through everyone on the floor, including their own partners. When Cody manages to get Rollins back in the ring one of the Usos interrupt and get speared for their effort by Roman Reigns. Rollins catches Cody Rhodes mid-air but before he can power-slam him, Cody jumps off the shoulders of Rollins. Rollins becomes trapped between both Rhodes family members. Rollins has nowhere to go and gets caught with cross-Rhodes.

Published by Ash on October 28th, 2013
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Daniel Bryan, Cody Rhodes, Goldust and Big E Langston vs. The Shield and Randy Orton
After Miz was taken out of action – thanks to a mysterious attack by The Wyatt Family – Big E Langston convinced SmackDown General Manager Vickie Guerrero to allow him to step up and take the spot.
And with only two days remaining until WWE Hell in a Cell and major pay-per-view momentum on the line, order inevitably broke down in the main event showdown. Daniel Bryan attempted the “YES!” Lock on Dean Ambrose, igniting an all-out melee between all eight Superstars that eventually spread outside the ring.
Out of the chaos, Randy Orton – Bryan’s fellow No. 1 contender to the WWE Title – ultimately emerged with the advantage. However, just when he looked ready to hit his Hell in a Cell opponent with the RKO, Langston reengaged and pushed Orton into The Beard’s running knee – which allowed Bryan to pick up the huge three-count.

Published by Ash on October 27th, 2013
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Seth Rollins vs. Goldust
After a string of recent successes with his younger brother Cody Rhodes – including the duo winning the WWE Tag Team Titles – Goldust battled Shield member Seth Rollins on WWE Main Event. Still reeling from the loss of the tag titles to the Rhodes brothers, Rollins was seeking vengeance against the former Intercontinental Champion. . Nevertheless, the younger Rhodes sibling joined his face-painted kin as well in an effort to counteract Roman Reigns and keep the battle between the combatants inside the squared circle.
The Hounds of Justice are certainly rabid and rely on controlled chaos as a unit, but Rollins is certainly a gifted competitor in his own right. Holding his own against Goldust – a Superstar with experience spanning three decades – the Shield member certainly displayed his abilities while also taking advantage of a distraction from Reigns.

With momentum in his favor, Rollins methodically attacked Goldust while taunting a helpless Cody Rhodes. However, Goldust has tussled with the likes of Roddy Piper and Triple H, building a resilience that has led him to a long, storied career and allowed him to battle back and keep Rollins at a disadvantage.

However, as the action spilled to the outside of the ring, Goldust exchanged words with Reigns. Cody took a more direct approach and attacked the Shield member as The Bizarre One returned to the ring to resume his struggle against Rollins. However, Reigns’ distraction was enough for Rollins to recover and roll up his opponent and steal a victory.

Published by Ash on October 27th, 2013
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Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins vs. The Usos (Number One Contenders Match for Hell In A Cell)

Goldust and Cody Rhodes watch from the announce desk to see who will face them at Hell in A Cell. The action spills out onto the floor quickly off the start of this match with Seth being knocked to the floor. Later in the match with the action picking up Seth takes a Samoan drop. This mostly methodical match quickly turns clustered as Reigns takes a big kick to the side of the head. Reigns manages to counter the Usos high flying move with knees to the stomach. The camera switches to Ambrose who is picking a fight with the Rhodes family at ringside. A brawl erupts in the ringside area that Seth soon enters as well and soon enough, all three teams brawl on the floor. Bodies go flying into both barricades. Reigns throws Goldust into the barricade on one side and Seth hurling one of the Uso’s into the barricade on the other side. Only the Shield is left standing and they soon take advantage of the opportunity to select Goldust as their victim. They toss Goldust in the ring and begin beating on him, 3 on 1! Cody Rhodes and the Usos soon break up the attack. Ambrose gets tossed into the stairs and Rollins is sent flying over the top. The Usos and Rhodes family are left standing in the ring as the Shield makes a retreat with Ambrose limping through the crowd.
The match leaves us hanging with no obvious #1 contender.

(Admin Note: Will likely be a 3 team match at HIAC to switch things up)

Published by Ash on October 22nd, 2013
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