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Seth Rollins vs. CM Punk
Raw starts of with CM Punk who says he can’t really say 2013 was his year but the people who could..would be the Shield. Shortly after the Shield makes their entrance. Dean Ambrose tries to get in CM Punk’s face, threatening to end this year with a beating. CM Punk however decides he wants to face the “best” member of the Shield tonight on Raw and asks who it will be. Ambrose immediately tells Punk he is looking forward to giving him another beating then, but Punk disagrees saying he has beat Ambrose on multiple occasions. Ambrose tries to rush at Punk but Rollins and Reigns hold him back.
Punk states that all he hears people talk about is Roman Reigns, and asks Roman if he is the best-then shouts at the big man to look at him while he is is talking. Seth then decides to pick up the loose microphone and declare that Punk is looking at the best.
Rollins and Reigns then engage in debate with each other trying to figure out which one of them will face Punk. But before they can decide Brad Maddox decides for them; he announces a match between Punk and Seth Rollins that will begin immediately.

As the match starts off it becomes clear that both men will use all their offensive against each other. Both men engage in a very back and forth contest of wills where we see Seth use his high flying splash, a power-bomb like maneuver and pull out all the stops after his initial frustration at the match start. When Seth hits his patented enziguri and it appears as though the match is won- the referee’s attention stays with an angry Ambrose who is itching to get into the ring and do damage on Punk. Seth goes for the pin and has Punk down for several seconds before the referee begins his count. By the time the referee counts it is too late and Punk gathers the strength to kick out at two and a half. An incredulous Rollins gazes at his tag team partners in disbelief at what just occurred. In the end Rollins falls victim to vicious GTS. Roman Reigns stands beside Seth glaring at CM Punk as Dean Ambrose sits on the outside of the ring with a red face looking extremely angry.

Published by Ash on December 31st, 2013
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Seth Rollins is defeated by John Cena
Both men start of the action by staring each other down and Rollins takes the first bump as he takes a fast hip toss from the former champ. Outside the ring he takes the chance to throw a bit of a temper tantrum before regrouping. Back in the ring he uses his speed to dive out of the way of Cena’s oncoming elbow. Seth nearly pulls off a couple upsets in this back and forth battle of wills between a veteran and a grade A rookie. Seth does show some frustration though as his partners attempt to will him back into the match. Cena power-bombs Seth hard nearly flipping him completely over at the height of the match. But this isn’t enough to take one over Seth and the kick-out leaves the crowd in shock. Ambrose even looking on has a massive fish eyes look on his face. Rollins pulls out an awesome high flying knee and almost catches Cena at two and a half. Rollins takes a moment after Cena’s kick-out formulate a plan in his mind and he glances at his boot and licks his lips in the anticipation at what is to come. However instead he get’s his foot caught by Cena and wrangled into an STF. He quickly uses all his power to crawl towards the ropes.
Dean Ambrose attempts to get involved into the match but is ejected by Big E and sent flying over the announce desk. Big E though get’s taken out by the spear of Roman Reigns, and the Reigns to get’s sent over the announce desk by one Mark Henry. Back in the ring Seth tries once again to catch Cena again with a high risk move but gets caught and takes an attitude adjustment. This proves to be the final straw and Cena gets the win. Both announcers comment on the caliber of the match and put Seth Rollins over huge on his ability. Crowd was invested in the whole match.

Published by Ash on December 28th, 2013
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Shield at Children's Hospital 2

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Last week the Shield took the time to put some pre-Christmas smiles on the faces of children at the Children’s Blood and Cancer Center in Austin Texas.
All the lovely candid photos of that day have been added to the gallery!

Photo Credit: Dell Children’s Hospital and
Visit the Center here:   Facebook Page Link

Published by Ash on December 23rd, 2013
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The Shield vs. John Cena & CM Punk

Seth enters the match against Cena and flexes his muscles against the weakened ex-champ, delivering kicks and punches the gut. Roman Reigns is tagged in and further tires out the champ nearly knocking him out with his huge flying Samoan fist. When Seth is re-tagged in and drops Cena to his knees in the corner. He watches Cena attempt to crawl to his feet and then follow up with the same move. This doesn’t pan out well for Seth and he knocks himself silly on the ring-post. However Cena rolls out of the way straight into the Shield’s corner. Seth tags in Ambrose who is able to keep Cena out of the friendly corner. At the height of the match though Punk finally gets tagged in against Seth. A fired up Punk sends Seth flying all around the ring and hangs him up on the ropes with a high knee. He then leaps on Seth and both bang into the outside barricade. He follows up his offense with a clothesline inside the ring and a big elbow after showboating on the top rope.

Punk calls for the go to sleep but Rollins makes the smart escape and Ambrose interrupts. Punk fires back with a go to sleep on both Rollins and Ambrose. Reigns breaks into that foray and all hell breaks loose once more causing the referee to ring the bell. The action doesn’t stop after the match though as the Shield is hell bent on standing tall. All three members attack Punk but Cena goes for the rescue. Cena takes out Reigns and tosses him into the barricade on the outside. He re-enters the ring and goes after Ambrose as Seth and Punk continue battling in the opposite corner. But just when Cena’s back is turned he receives the big spear. Punk is caught again by Ambrose and choked by Seth’s boot. The Shield once again turns their attention toward Cena. Cena falls victim to the triple power-bomb. Punk gets back up again and tries to catch Reigns by surprise but fails yet again. Ambrose gets in Punk’s face and the Shield shows off for the crowd. Just when it appears SmackDown will end this way Big E storms down to the ring.
Big E takes out everyone in site and almost cuts Seth in half with his shoulder in the corner. Roman Reigns renters the ring and the two stare down each other. Punk appears behind Big E with a chair and this causes Reigns and the Shield to back off for now.

Published by Ash on December 21st, 2013
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The Shield vs. CM Punk and The Usos
A slightly battered Shield arrives for this match after being announced in the ring by Shawn Michaels. Reigns is sporting a swollen eye that is very red from the previous nights battle and Rollins is wearing his own black eye. Rollins first enters the match against Jey Uso and sets him up in the corner but ends up missing with his leap and hitting his head on the turnbuckle. Jey tags in Jimmy Uso and Jimmy powers through Seth tossing him into the air and flatting him again the mat. Seth battles back by catch Jimmy with an enziguri! This allows Seth to make the tag to Ambrose. Reigns is tagged in after Ambrose and later the match comes back to Rollins. Rollins tempter begins to show as he tries to order around the official causing a cascade of boos from the fans. He then tries placing Jimmy on the top rope for a suplex but this backfires as he is tossed off and falls victim to a flying cross-body. All hell breaks loose in the match when Punk and Ambrose are tagged in and bodies go flying all over. On the outside of the ring Seth tosses one of the Usos into the barricade out of pure anger. Once the match ends up back in the ring Ambrose and Rollins take Punk’s high knees in each corner. But Punk fails to see Reigns. Reigns gets the win with the spear.

Published by Ash on December 17th, 2013
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The Shield vs. CM Punk

CM Punk tries to wisely position himself as far away from the Shield’s corner as possible at the start of this match. When Rollins takes his turn in the ring he makes sure to mock CM Punk’s go to sleep once again. Roman Reigns takes an opportunity to throw Punk around like a ragdoll. But when the action spills onto the outside of the ring Roman Reigns misses the spear attempt and sends himself flying over the announce desk. Somehow he hits his eye in the process and the WWE doctor attends to him at ringside. Reigns barely makes it back into the ring and manages to tag out…only to quickly return to the floor rubbing his eye again. Ambrose is also sent flying by Punk leaving Rollins the man left in the ring with Punk. Rolling mounts a strong offense and takes the brunt of a go to sleep and other powerful moves..each time kicking out! However he gets caught in the anaconda vice..and Ambrose is forced to break up the submission. Rollins takes another go to sleep, and is knocked out of the equation, laying prone at the edge of the ring. Punk has Ambrose up but Ambrose struggles out. Reigns in the corner..aims to surprise Punk with a spear but Punk side steps leaving Reigns to KO Ambrose!
Ambrose gets hit with the spear instead and Punk capitalizes on the Shield’s misfortune.
CM Punk hands the Shield a rare loss.

Published by Ash on December 16th, 2013
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Seth Rollins & Roman Reigns vs. The Usos
This back and forth battle of wills between two big time tag teams has been seen many times but only seems to get more physically aggressive. As Dean Ambrose helps call the action at the announce desk the action inventively spills to the outside of the ring. Roman Reigns delivers a massive hard spear to Jimmy Uso..sending him flying and holding his shoulder. Rollins takes the opportunity to attack Jay Uso, stomping him relentlessly. The referees count starts as both Usos don’t look like they’ll be able to struggle to their feat. Jey manages to roll back in but is still down. Rollins takes the opportunity to mock CM Punk’s finisher and laughs happily. He then hoists Jey onto his shoulders and tosses him into the air for him to receive Roman Reigns’s spear.
CM Punk shows up after the match is over via-jumbotron promo Shield style to tell them he will take down as many of them as he can as he walks into the odds being against him on TLC. Punk also notes he thinks he has found the weaknesses of each member in their past matches.

Published by Ash on December 14th, 2013
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The Shield proudly took home four Slammy Awards!
-Faction of the Year (Online Award)
-Hashtag of the Year for #BelieveInTheShield (Announced on the pre-show)
-Breakout Star of the Year
-What a maneuver award (For Roman Reigns’s spear)

The Shield Present a Slammy
The suit clad Shield also served as presenters for the double cross of the year award even after stating they knew nothing about double crosses since their team is as strong as ever.

Dean Ambrose vs. CM Punk
Later on in the show it would be Dean Ambrose taking on CM Punk in a Friday night SmackDown re-match. Trouble would begin for Dean Ambrose as Rollins and Reigns stared down a prone CM Punk on the floor. Once Ambrose regained his facilities he would join his teammates on the outside only to admonish them and engage in a verbal disagreement with both men. Once the action is back in the ring, Rollins and Reigns decide to mind Dean’s wishes and take a nice walk up the ramp leaving Ambrose to fend for himself. Ambrose gets hit with the go to sleep and it’s game over.
Following the finish of the match though Rollins goes after the straight edge superstar….causing him to be distracted and get nailed with the full force of a Roman Reigns spear. The Shield leave the arena together leaving us the question of how unified they really are. Was this a set up for Punk or is there trouble brewing for the Hounds of Justice?

Published by Ash on December 10th, 2013
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Goldust, Cody Rhodes and The Big Show vs. The Shield
Seth’s first encounter in this match is with the Big Show, but the big man quickly seems to tire of Seth and shoves him across the ring and back into his corner.
When he gets tagged back into the match Seth takes a vertical suplex from Cody Rhodes, before briefly taking on Goldust before Cody Rhodes is tagged back in. Rollins continues taking an onslaught of punishment before being flipped onto his back by Rhodes. He manages to counter by battling himself out of an arm-bar by simply punching Rhodes in the face. Seth then delivers a multitude of slaps in the corner. However his followup arm-bar gets countered and Ambrose involves himself in the match.
After the commercial break Seth Rollins seeks to take out Cody Rhodes in the corner but painfully misses and is forced to tag in Ambrose.
Seth also ends up in the match-up with big show and makes a pin attempt but the big man is just too powerful for him and sends Seth flying off him.
Seth takes a spine-buster from Goldust as the match becomes more chaotic with outside battles and tag partners getting knocked of all sides. Rollins and Ambrose both attempt to double team Goldust, but big show pulls down the bottom rope causing Ambrose to fall backwards and the plan falls apart.
Goldust later attempts to go top rope, following the lead of his brother but Ambrose stops him and back body drops him off the top rope. Seth Rollins appears to be laying directly in harms way but he quickly rolls out of the way, and grabs Goldust from behind for the roll-up the pin!

Published by Ash on December 3rd, 2013
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Roman Reigns & Seth Rollins vs. Cody Rhodes and Goldust (Tag Title Match)
The Rhodes brothers start out holding their own with the Shield. Cody Rhodes yanks Seth of the ropes but, Seth counters and sends a kick straight into the side of head of Cody. A tag is made to Roman Reigns who runs Cody into the corner hard. Rollins is tagged back in and wastes little time in choking Cody Rhodes on the ropes. As the action continues Rollins gets launched over the top rope banging into the side of the announce desk off the floor. Rollins makes the tag to Reins as he scrambles back in the match; Cody makes the tag to partner Goldust. Goldust and Reigns battle it out on the outside. When the action moves back in the ring Cody ends up running into Seth’s elbow. Rollins trying to follow it up with a high risk maneuver from the top gets knocked onto the ropes, then picked up and dropped on his back. The fight ensues again on the outside of the ring as Cody leaps onto both Rollins and Reigns. Rollins fights back and attempts to do a springboard. His attempted is countered and he ends up taking cross-rhodes.
Dean Ambrose suddenly leaps in to interrupt the pin and takes the boots to Cody Rhodes. Cm Punk enters the fray with a chair in hand, swinging it anyone who moves. Vickie Guerrero interrupts the mayhem on the titan-tron and tells everyone the match will now be a six-man tag.

Six Man Tag: The Shield vs. CM Punk, Rhodes brothers
CM Punk and Goldust seek to isolate Seth by working on his leg. They twist and bend the sore knee and ankle in various directions. Cody Rhodes spends time tossing Rollins around outside the ring and into the barricade before bringing him back in. He and Goldust force Rollins to do the splits resulted in a near fall. The isolation continues as Punk is tagged in and places a painful submission onto the ankle and knee of Rollins, Cody Rhodes giving him help on the double submission utilizing the full five count.
Another huge break down occurs in this match with the Wyatt family interrupting followed by the Usos and Rey Mysterio. The match is yet again re-started as a 12 person tag match.

The Shield and the Wyatt Family vs. The Usos, Rey Mysterio, CM Punk.
The shorter re-start was filling with back and forth moves with neither team really gaining a long term advantage until Punk hits the GTS on Rowan for the win.

Published by Ash on November 30th, 2013
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