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Raw Digitals Match 1
Raw Digitals Match 2
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Match #1
The Shield’s first appearance on this full justice edition of Raw would be against Dolph Ziggler. The show-off Dolph Ziggler’s comments got him into trouble with General Manger Brad Maddox, and caused him to create a daunting three on one match against The Shield. Dolph would try to keep himself safe by isolating Dean Ambrose, and keep a more one-on-one game-but the strategy would prove faulty. Rollins and Reigns tagged their way into the match, and would test Ziggler’s Stamina. Reigns would take out the former champion with his massive spear, and the Shield would top it off with a triple powerbomb.

Match #2
The next superstar to get caught making negative remarks towards HHH was The Big Show, and once again the punishment was a handicap match against the Shield. At first even with all three Shield members being permitted in the ring at one time, the big show looked like he might score a victory. The largest athlete managed to beat Roman Reigns at his own game with a huge spear. Even with their largest member leveled Rollins and Ambrose managed to keep the big man under control until Reigns recovered to once again deliver a spear, and for the hounds of justice to score another win with a triple powerbomb.

Shield Security
The hounds of justice were not done their duties even after two matches. The powerful three would serve as security guards to the McMahon’s, and new WWE Champion Randy Orton. Triple H would welcome Daniel Bryan to enter the ringside area, and straight into a trap. The Shield delivered a powerful beating to Daniel Bryan before they were ordered to back off.

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Hi everyone! I see you’ve found my newest project! What you see on here right now is just a start because this site is so brand new but, I will be adding lots more content in the days to come! I just have a few things to say right now…..

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I’m greatly looking forward to sharing my passion for the Shield’s highest flyer with you all and seeing where his career takes him! Hopefully you will enjoy my site for a long while to come!

Thank you all for reading! Feel free to leave comments on the photos posted, the site’s twitter or my twitter!

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