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Article Credit:
Writer: By Brian Fritz @BrianFritz from the “Between The Ropes” Podcast

No one ever wants to suffer an injury, especially one as big as the one Seth Rollins experienced in November 2015. He was on a roll at the time and arguably the biggest heel in the WWE. Rollins was riding high. Then during an overseas match with Kane, his momentum came to a halt as he tore the ACL, MCL and medial meniscus in his knee. It would be more than seven months before “The Architect” returned to the ring.

There was a positive as he was offered a role in the WWE Studios movie “Armed Response” and now had the time to do it.
The movie, which also stars Wesley Snipes and Anne Heche, finds Rollins and a team of highly trained soldiers looking into the disappearance of another team. As they investigate, they find themselves trapped inside a military compound controlled by artificial intelligence and things quickly get out of control.

Sporting News spoke with Rollins about being in his first feature film, fighting Anne Heche, recovering from his knee injury during filming, becoming a good guy in WWE, and getting the cover of the upcoming WWE 2K18 video game. “Armed Response” will be available on digital download and limited theatrical release beginning on Friday, August 4.

SPORTING NEWS: How was the movie making experience for “Armed Response” for you overall seeing this is the first feature film you’ve done?
SETH ROLLINS: Yeah, this is the first one. It was cool. Honestly, it was a good experience. I had no idea what it was going to be like going in. I had no preconceptions or anything like that. I was going in with an open mind and it was a lot different than what I’m used to doing live shows all the time. It was super-interesting and a fun experience, a learning experience for me.

SN: How would you explain this movie is someone asked you? Is it a horror movie, it is a thriller?
SR: I’d call it more of a suspense-thriller. There are some elements of action and horror but that’s not the predominant theme. It’s more of a suspense thriller, a whodunit trying to figure out how the other Special Forces team was supposed to be manning this outpost and have gone missing. There’s a lot of elements of who, what, when, where, stuff like that.
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Published by Ash on August 5th, 2017
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Video Clip Credit: Saban Films on YouTube

Article Credit:”For the Win” on USA Today (
Writer Credit: By Josh Barnett

Seth Rollins is used to the instant feedback that comes from a live WWE audience. His music hits and he knows what the fans think. He executes a move and he knows whether the fans like it or not. That is among the things that makes Rollins’ feature film debut so unique in Armed Response, which comes out Friday in theaters in New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Atlanta and Phoenix and video-on-demand platforms.

Rollins filmed the movie in late 2016 when he was still sidelined after knee surgery in November 2015. He’s been waiting months to see how the fans will react. “Something like this was a lot different than what I’m used to,” he told For The Win. “There’s no audience watching you with a boo or a yeah whenever something bad or good happens. I’m very curious to see what our fanbase is going to think of it and what the response will be overall to my performance.
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Published by Ash on August 5th, 2017
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WWE’s Seth Rollins on Playing the Jerk in Armed Response

Article Credit:, Follow them on Twitter: @IGN
Writer Credit: By Matt Fowler (Writer at IGN & member of the Television Critics Association.
Twitter at @TheMattFowler & Facebook at

Video Clip Credit: Saban Films (Theatrical Release Distributor on Behalf of WWE Films)

Before WWE Superstar Seth Rollins heads into SummerSlam on Sunday, August 20th, you can watch him suit up for some spooky action in Armed Response – a new paranormal thriller from WWE and KISS legend Gene Simmons that opens in theaters and On Demand on Friday, August 4th. Starring Wesley Snipes, Anne Heche, Dave Annable, and Simmons himself in a cameo role, Armed Response follows a team of special forces soldiers as they investigate an artificial intelligence gone wrong inside a secret high-tech facility known as The Temple.

Rollins, in his very first movie roll, stars as one of the most brutal members of Snipes’ highly-skilled black ops unit and as the mystery deepens and the danger rises, Rollins’ Bret starts to become more and more unhinged. I had the pleasure of speaking to Rollins about his first foray into film and what it was like to go toe-to-toe with…Anne Heche.

IGN: When did you film Armed Response?
Seth Rollins: It was all shot in April of 2016, I want to say.

IGN: Yeah, you looked pretty mobile and I was wondering how it coincided with your knee injury.
Rollins: I was right at the end of my rehab period. So I got hurt and had surgery in November of 2015 so this was probably five months or so out from that. I was at the very end of my rehab so I was moving around pretty well, though I still had a ways to go before I was ring ready, but I was certainly silver screen ready.
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Published by Ash on August 5th, 2017
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Seth was very busy promoting SummerSlam these past few days! He spent a day at ESPN HQ doing various videos for different segments and ESPN’s social media platforms. I’ve gathered all the videos right here for your viewing pleasure and just in case anyone missed one as it was a very busy day! And if anyone likes to save videos we should have links to downloadable versions of these soon; as well the screen-captures for these interviews are coming and there will be another post with those links for everyone.

Video Links:

His & Hers

ESPN His & Hers Segment (Alternate Video – Dailymotion)

First Take


Facebook Live Q&A With The Fans (Alternate Video – Dailymotion)

ESPN Q&A Video (Full – Dailymotion)

Seth Rollins Imagines his Alter-ego

Seth on ESPN SportsCenter Clip #1

Sportscenter Clip #2 (Instagram)

Published by Ash on August 21st, 2016
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Seth Rollins is gracing the cover of a magazine once again! This time he is on the cover of the latest edition of PWI Magazine. To own this awesome magazine for yourself you can either find it on a newsstand near you OR order it or download the digital edition from

Published by Ash on July 12th, 2016
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Surprise Surprise! This gallery has been a long time coming & it’s finally here! We wanted for a long time to do something unique with our Media Gallery & have a better place for our fan art (Since we get sent a lot of great stuff on Twitter that had no place to go) and so the two ideas came together to form this unique fun gallery!

Supporting a wrestler throughout their career is truly a team effort, and without a great team of fans, their success and any website’s success would not exist – that’s why we’ve named this gallery The Team Rollins Reel. From our small Team Rollins of three that work on the site or its social networks every day, to all of the amazing supporters out there, we are all Team Rollins! Thank you for supporting the site, from the bottom of our hearts! In its nearly three years it has grown more than the webmiss could have imagined!

Featured Image Raw 23


This is a gallery for truly everyone to contribute to and enjoy! Now, not all of these categories will have stuff in them yet, as we are still looking for people to create certain types of art and are still designing some ourselves. All of that takes time of course and we have faith this will continue to grow a lot just like our main gallery has! If you would like to send something in for any of the categories on this gallery please email your contributions to

Upcoming Features that we will be Debuting On this Gallery:
– Seth Rollins E-Cards (Fun cards to post or send to your friends with various Rollins quotes on them)
– Thank You Notes (Send in your thank you for Seth and we will post it in the gallery!)
– More Downloadable Content (two of us on the website team are working on designing various content of our own for this section)

Published by Ash on May 29th, 2016
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Shortly after Raw this week it was announced by WWE that their would be a WWE 24 Special on Seth, following him from his injury to his epic in ring return! They have now posted a couple preview videos, one of which is sort of a teaser trailer for the special on YouTube and social media! We also did some screen captures! Links all below for those who want to watch or check out the pictures!

WWE 24 Preview Video #1

WWE 24 Preview Video #2 – Seth Talks about the Injury Night

Published by Ash on May 27th, 2016
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It was announced earlier today that Seth would be doing a Q and A on the Black and Brave Wrestling Academy Twitter account. Seth answered a few questions on the account, and here is the full recap! There was tons of questions sent in so he definitely had so many to try and choose from! If you haven’t already make sure you follow the wrestling school @BlackandBrave for updates on their classes, photos and more!

Q: Do you think you are able to provide a wholly unique experience for your students by being on the main roster?
Rollins: Yes. No school in the world offers what we can.

Q: What’s your least favorite workout to do?
Rollins: Fran

Q: What’s your favorite song by PVRIS?
Rollins: You and I. @ThisIsPVRIS

Q: If you could be any mythical creature what would you be?
Rollins: Cerberus

Q: a person you’ve never met but would love to?
Rollins: @BillNye

Q: How involved are you at the wrestling school with the new students?
Rollins: As involved as it gets. I’m here from start to finish. At the facility 90% of the time.
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Published by Ash on May 26th, 2016
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Press Release – Courtesy of

Principal Photography to start April 6th

Los Angeles, CA (April 5, 2016) – Erebus Pictures, the genre specialty label formed by Multi Media Magnate and KISS co-founder Gene Simmons and WWE Studios, announced today that Wesley Snipes (The Expendables 3), Anne Heche (Wild Card), Dave Annable (Brothers and Sisters) and WWE Superstar Seth Rollins are on board to star in the John Stockwell directed thriller TEMPLE. Filming will commence on Wednesday, April 6th. Snipes will also serve as a producer on TEMPLE along with Simmons and WWE Studios President Michael Luisi.

TEMPLE, written by Matt Savelloni (Exile to Babylon), and directed by John Stockwell (In The Blood), follows a team of trained operatives consisting of Snipes, Heche, Annable and Rollins, who find themselves trapped inside an isolated military compound after its artificial intelligence is suddenly shut down—and then begin to experience strange and horrific phenomena.

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Published by Ash on April 5th, 2016
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It is Holiday time and that means time again for the Slammy Awards Show! Seth is nominated for two early Slammy Awards and has a chance to win Superstar of the year with some help from Team Rollins and their nominations! Full awards info is below, as well as how to vote for Seth and the official rules to vote. Even though there is a lot of info please make sure you read it and the rules or else your vote may not count and we’d really love for Seth to win a ton of Slammy’s!

Voting Info:
Voting is open for a list of awards that will be awarded prior to Raw on & the during the Raw pre-show, and voting is open for Superstar of the Year (which can now be won by any superstar on the roster & the winner will be announced on Raw). As always fans will also be able to vote for a list of categories DURING Raw on the WWE app.
You can use Twitter, Facebook or Instagram to vote for the early Slammy Categories and Superstar of the Year; votes only count once per day per in each category. To vote you must use the category’s official hashtag and the Slammy hashtag along with the name of the nominee! We’ve made it simple for everyone and already found the category hashtag’s for Seth’s nominations!
Or each day on Twitter you can retweet our post nominating Seth for Superstar of the Year!

To Vote for Seth (Twitter, Facebook or Instagram):
1) (Please nominate him for) Superstar of the Year – I choose Seth Rollins for 2015 #SUPERSTAR of the year! #Slammy
2) Rivalry of the Year – I choose Orton vs. Rollins for 2015 #RIVALRY of the Year! #Slammy
3) “Tell Me You Didn’t Just Say That” Moment of the Year – Rollins calls Johnny Manziel “Johnny Idiot Face” #TELLME or Rollins says Kane was Just “There” at WrestleMania #TELLME

*PLEASE NOTE: WWE’s Official Rules state that Retweets DO count as a valid vote. So if you retweet someone’s vote for a Superstar, that counts as your ONE vote per category in a day. However, Facebook Shares and post comments (on each of the platforms) do NOT count as valid vote.

The categories that you can vote for DURING Raw include: Match of the Year, WWE Diva of The Year, Breakout Star of the Year, LOL Moment of the Year, Extreme Moment of the Year, This is Awesome Moment, The OMG Shocking Moment, The Hero in All of Us Award.
So please vote for Seth on Raw if he appears in some of these categories!

Please See’s list of official Rules: Slammy Voting Guidelines

Published by Ash on December 15th, 2015
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