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Fan Video – Seth’s Return
Fan Video – Seth Bows to the Crowd

Seth Makes His Long-Awaited Return & Takes out Roman Reigns
Just when Roman Reigns thought everything was over and he could rise to his feat after a lengthy battle with AJ Styles, Seth Rollins made his comeback and as he always does – he made an impact. Rollins took out the still Champion with forceful pedigree and stared the camera down with a glare on his face that made his feelings perfectly clear. He then gazed down at Reigns and picked up the title he never lost to hold it up high for the camera as the PPV went off air.

He didn’t have too say a single word and we all know his feelings. It will be awesome to see what is to come from the newly return Seth Rollins. Welcome Back Seth!

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HIAC Result: Seth Rollins def. Demon Kane to Retain the WWE Title (Title vs. Job)
Video: Seth Rollins vs. Kane (Match)
Video: Seth Rollins is “And Still” (Fallout Interview)

Seth Rollins causes Corporate Kane to Lose his Job
The Authority should be receiving a flood of résumé as Corporate Kane has been relieved of his duties as WWE Director of Operations, following Demon Kane’s defeat at the hands of World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins at WWE Hell in Cell.

Once charged with protecting the WWE World Heavyweight Champion, Kane was Rollins’ ally under The Authority’s umbrella until the Director of Operations was betrayed by The Architect and sidelined with an injury. When Kane returned at Night of Champions and attacked Rollins, he did so as Demon Kane. In the weeks leading up to Hell in a Cell, Rollins was left to deal with the seemingly split personalities of Corporate Kane and Demon Kane. Needless to say, there was no love lost between The Architect and either Kane.
When the opening bell sounded, Rollins got into his opponent’s masked face, convincing himself Corporate Kane and Demon Kane were one and the same. The Big Red Monster didn’t take kindly to Rollins’ jawing, or his subsequent a push, and began to quickly and efficiently tear apart the WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

Rollins managed to remain resilient and found a perfect opening to knock Demon Kane off the top rope, solidifying his newfound momentum with a jaw-dropping flip over the ropes and to the outside of the ring. Fully aware of his opponent’s size and strength advantage, the champion began a methodical offense that kept Demon Kane grounded.
In an effort to build an advantage, The Architect targeted The Demon’s leg, but the 18-year squared circle veteran kept the intensity of the match intact as the WWE Universe inside the STAPLES Center slid to the collective edge of its seat, watching both Superstars battle back and forth. Countering a Pedigree, Demon Kane executed a chokeslam, nearly securing the pinfall. Escaping a Tombstone following the near-fall, the battle spilled beyond the confines of the ring into the announce area.
Attempting to send Rollins into a world of pain, The Demon tried to chokeslam the champion through the U.S. commentators’ announce table. With his unparalleled reflexes and agility, Rollins slid through his opponent’s legs and power-bombed him onto the Spanish announce table. Reeling from the counterattack, The Big Red Monster barely made it back to the ring before the referee’s 10-count.

Back inside the squared circle, Rollins remained in control, unleashing a flurry of knee strikes – each one taking the 7-foot Superstar off his feet. A gravity-defying Frog Splash brought the WWE Universe to its feet, certain that it would be enough to secure victory.
The impact of the Frog Splash wasn’t enough to extinguish the fire of Demon Kane, and it looked almost as though the tables had turned once more as The Big Red Monster rose, gripping Rollins by the throat . Once again, the cat-like reflexes of the WWE World Heavyweight Champion came into play, and he countered the chokeslam and seized the opportunity to execute The Pedigree to retain the championship.
The City of Angels was kind to Seth Rollins as he left the STAPLES Center with the WWE World Heavyweight Championship still around his waist. Although Demon Kane lost the match , it was ultimately Corporate Kane who was the real loser – being relieved of his duties as WWE Director of Operations.

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PPV Result: Seth Rollins def. John Cena to become the first man to hold the U.S. Title & The WWE Title at the same time.
Video: Seth vs. John Cena
Video: The Main Event Aftermath

Seth Rollins vs. John Cena (For the US Title)
Though his quest for a 16th World Championship has been put on hold, John Cena’s waist is no longer undecorated. The Cenation leader dethroned Seth Rollins with an Attitude Adjustment to reclaim the United States Championship at WWE Night of Champions.
Though Rollins had a WWE World Heavyweight Championship battle with Sting still ahead, he did not hold back in bringing the fight right to Cena, stunning the 15-time World Champion with a flipping neckbreaker in the early moments of the match. The confident Architect trash-talked his challenger before catching a big right hand to the jaw. Rollins stopped Cena’s attempted offense in its tracks with a sleeper hold, then attempted to cave Cena’s chest in with a devastating double stomp off the top turnbuckle.
Perhaps seeking to save his energy for his showdown with The Vigilante, Rollins turned his attention to the sold-out crowd in Houston, taunting the WWE Universe. That nearly cost the United States Champion his title, as Cena nearly pinned him with a surprise roll-up.
Rollins looked to be a step ahead of Cena as the bout wore on, cutting Cena off before he could hit the Five Knuckle Shuffle on several occasions. The Cenation leader fought back, preventing Rollins from hitting the Pedigree, while surprising the WWE Universe with several moves outside of his trademark arsenal, including a flipping powerbomb and a hurricanrana.

Cena looked to have Rollins in position for an Attitude Adjustment, but the United States Champion flipped , landed on his feet and staggered Cena with a series of superkicks. The Architect brought the fight to Cena on the floor, connecting with a dive over the ropes, but ate canvas on an attempted frog splash.
The resilient Cena refused to give in, catching Rollins with a tornado DDT off the ropes before rolling to the apron to collect himself. A desperate Rollins trapped Cena as he scaled the ropes, suplexing his challenger to the mat, then holding on and lifting the heavier Cena up for a second consecutive suplex. Rollins may have thought he had the 15-time World Champion on the ropes, but the wily veteran soon trapped the champion in the STF.
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Published by Ash on September 21st, 2015
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