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Category: Interviews

A couple weeks ago Seth was a guest on Austin Creed’s (Xavier Woods) gaming channel on YouTube! The two sat down for a brief interview and to play some old school Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – Turtles In Time. We’ve uploaded captures of his appearance and included the video here!

Published by Ash on August 10th, 2015
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Credit: Nick Schwartz, USA Today (For the Win)

Seth Rollins will defend his WWE title Sunday night in the main event at Battleground in St. Louis on the WWE Network, facing Brock Lesnar in a match for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.
With just a few days to Battleground, Rollins talked to FTW about Todd Frazier lifting the WWE title at the Home Run Derby, Brock Lesnar’s title reign as a part-timer, and his favorite promos.

FTW: You’ve had an amazing run since becoming the WWE World Heavyweight Champion at WrestleMania in March. How does your life change going from a regular guy on the roster to being the champ?
Seth Rollins: There’s a lot of pressure involved. Everyone looks at you to anchor the show every night. You’re the guy that’s drawing the houses. You’re the guy that everyone wants to beat, and you’ve got the spot everyone wants to take. The bullseye on the back of your head gets a little bit deeper and darker every night. It’s certainly an interesting line to walk, but it’s been fun and I’m enjoying the process of being champion.

FTW: Is there anything that has caught you by surprise in your role as the WWE World Heavyweight Champion?
Seth Rollins: How welcoming everyone else has been. With that bullseye comes a level of competition, but I think it’s healthy. I think everybody else in the locker room is pretty happy to have a full-time champion on the roster again. A guy who’s defending the title in Peoria, Illinois, as well as WrestleMania. I think it’s cool for the boys to see a champion in the locker room every day and not just every few months like it was for the past year.

FTW: Do you think that the champion should be at every show?
Seth Rollins: Traditionally it’s important for the champion to be on the live events and draw the houses. We’re not living in traditional times. It’s 2015, Brock held the title through 2014. Certainly his lack of appearances makes the ones that he does have very special, but I am more of a traditionalist, and I enjoy being a champion that’s on all the shows. I enjoy being the guy that’s on the marquee every night, the one they come to see. So, for me, I like that business model better than the Brock Lesnar business model.
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Published by Ash on July 17th, 2015
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Credit: Vaughn Johnson, Sports Producer (

Every wrestling fan likely has dreamed of being the WWE World Heavyweight champion at some point.
Every wrestling fan, at some point, has wanted to know what it was like to be Hulk Hogan, “Stone Cold” Steve Austin or The Rock and what it was like to walk even a city block in their shoes.

Seth Rollins is one of the very few fans who was actually able to turn that dream into reality, doing it at WrestleMania back on March 29.
It took a lot of hard work for Rollins, once just another wrestling fan in Davenport, Iowa, to make it to that point.
But once he won the title, the hard work was just beginning.

The WWE World Heavyweight title belt features a massive main plate that is emblazoned with the WWE logo. It also features two side plates that can be removed and customized for whoever the current champion is.
On the night Rollins won his first WWE World Heavyweight title, the side plates of the former champion were removed and replaced with the logos of Rollins.

When those side plates were put on the title, it officially became Rollins’ property, but it also meant that wherever he goes, he’s Seth Rollins all the time, and that days when he gets to go home and simply be Colby Lopez (his real name) are few and far between.

The workload for a champion is hefty inside the ring and in front of a television camera, but it is just as cumbersome outside of that realm. Traveling for weeks at a time and sitting down for media appearances and interviews, much like the one he conducted with, make up the bulk of his time outside of the ring.
The day after winning the title, Rollins flew from San Jose, Calif. all the way to New York to appear on the Today Show first thing in the morning. He then flew back to California to appear on Monday Night Raw as the company’s new champion.
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Published by Ash on July 17th, 2015
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What’s on the Menu for WWE World Champ Seth Rollins
Credit: Kenny Herzog & Men’s Journal

If a hungry Seth Rollins is stuck in Alabama at 1 a.m. after main-eventing Monday Night Raw, he’s not gonna eat pretty. He’ll get his fast-good fix, chalk it up as essential protein and wake up the next day to get his CrossFit on without a care in the world. Maybe that’s how WWE’s reigning heavyweight champ (a title he’s putting on the line this Sunday at the Battleground PPV/WWE Network event) has managed to conquer his chosen profession before even turning 30.

As one can glean from a conversation with the Davenport, Iowa, native, his fighter’s philosophy is all about discipline when necessary but indulgence when appropriate. And that translates as much to his diet as anything else. Just a few hours before squaring off against Intercontinental Champion Ryback (whose mantra, fittingly, is “Feed Me More”) at that night’s SmackDown taping in Milwaukee, Rollins offered the following insights into how he remains a lean athletic machine while eating what he loves.

Burn calories, then store them
“I’ve noticed that over time the intensity of my workouts is so high, that I can get away with eating whatever I want,” says Rollins. “And I love eating a lot. So if I wanna eat more, I’ll just work harder. I’ll make that sacrifice in the gym instead of in the kitchen. There are some days where if I haven’t done anything in a couple days or haven’t had a match, I will be a little more cautious in my dining selection, but those days are few and far between.”
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Published by Ash on July 17th, 2015
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The Des Moines Register has posted an awesome feature on their website, where Seth Rollins was followed for a day! So if you want to see what the Champ’s day is like you need to read it! Plus view some awesome photos from the feature:

Des Moines Register_258

Behind the Scenes Feature Photos: Day In the Life of Rollins Digitals

WWE Champ Seth Rollins on Life as a Pro Wrestler

Davenport, Ia. – WWE Superstar Seth Rollins strutted out from behind a Jumbotron playing his highlight reel and into controlled bedlam.
Through blinding flashing lights, the screams of more than 5,500 people muffled both a drum solo throbbing from the loud speakers and the announcer’s attempts to declare that Rollins hails “from Davenport, Iowa.”

But the audience at the Quad Cities’ iWireless Center knew where Rollins is from…because it’s where they’re from, too.
Countless handwritten signs read, “Welcome Home, Seth!”, while an especially bright one sparkled, “Will you go to prom with me, Seth?”

Standing in the ring, his chest bare and his wet hair hanging below his shoulders, Rollins, 28, snarled like Mick Jagger as he held up the World Heavyweight Championship title, a big gold belt won at WrestleMania, WWE’s marquee event.

He’s the only Iowan to ever win that title.
For Rollins, who grew up in Davenport, this was his heavyweight homecoming.

The Davenport West grad fell in love with wrestling during a show at the Wharton Field House, just two miles from the ring he stood in. He’d honed his skills scrapping with his brother and scraping by in the local independent wrestling scene. Now, he’s the champ, and this was the first time he’d taken a Quad Cities’ stage since winning the title.

“It will be emotional,” Rollins said as he sipped coffee earlier in the day. “This is my place. I’ve lived here my whole life basically, and my family is here, and now I get to walk in as the WWE Heavyweight Champion. It’ll be different than any other (performance).”
But being a champion is more than just flash bulbs and champagne. It’s hours at the gym, nights in far-flung hotel rooms, days away from friends and family and months of plotting to stay on top.

The Register spent time with Rollins, whose legal name is Colby Lopez, while he was in the Quad Cities for a taping of WWE’s weekly show “SmackDown,” consistently the top-rated regularly scheduled program on SyFy, according to WWE.
Between hours of media appearances, workouts and preparing for the show, Rollins barely had time to sit down, let alone to answer all the calls, texts and Facebook messages from friends hoping to grab a moment with the champion.
This is a day in the life of Seth Rollins.

Read the Full Article Here: Day In the Life of Rollins Feature

Published by Ash on May 8th, 2015
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Seth made an appearance on the April 28th media day on one of the local Channel 4 News Station! Check out the video of his interview right here:

Published by Ash on May 3rd, 2015
Filed in Gallery Additions, Interviews

Seth made a media day appearance while in his hometown area at 104.9 The Hawk, before his appearance on the SmackDown taping later that evening (April 28th). The following are the video clips of the interview and captures will be added soon to the our gallery!
Joni’s Blog Post/ Appearance Photos: View

Source: Jay Rush & Joni Mitchell, 104.9 The Hawk on Youtube

Published by Ash on May 3rd, 2015
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Continuing his radio media tour Seth also stopped by the B100 Morning Show in Quad Cities, he spoke about his infamous “death test” and more! You can check out the interview and a photo from the appearance (Captures Coming Soon!):

Interview Candids: B100 Morning Show

Published by Ash on April 29th, 2015
Filed in Gallery Additions, Interviews

As part of a busy Media day Seth sat down briefly with 97X Quad Cities Classic Rock on Dwyer and Michaels Morning Show. He talks about being World Heavyweight Champion, memories of wrestling as a kid and on training at the Black and Brave Wrestling Academy.
*NEW UPDATE* Full length interview just became available!

Photos of the Interview:
Interview Candids: 97X Interview

Full Length Video

Here are the orginal clips of the interview:

Source: @2Dorks (Dwyer and Michaels) &

Published by Ash on April 29th, 2015
Filed in Gallery Additions, Interviews

Seth was interviewed by Crossfit Games host Sean Woodland about his upcoming WrestleMania match, the benefits of crossfit for the WWE roster, and he plays a round of trivia testing questions in these two videos:

Published by Ash on March 29th, 2015
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